Friday, January 22, 2016

Another example of why Julie Olson should never have been elected... to anything.

As I have been saying since Olson confirmed she was a CRC Scammer last Summer, there is absolutely no difference between her and the democrat she ran against.... Chuckie Green, C3G2 hater-administrator.

This comment on another post illustrates that she's absolutely unsuited to govern anybody.
I recently wrote to Councilor Julie Olson about her vote to repeal the 2% general fund levy reduction (Pointing out that she claimed she would be "Keeping a careful eye on fiscal responsibility." 

She responded that the Assessor, Treasurer, Sheriff, Auditor, as well as the "finance team" all testified against the 2% levy reduction. 

She goes on to say, her view of "fiscal responsibility is not to knowingly and willfully put the county finances in jeopardy" ... 

OF COURSE, these county officials would all be against ANY reduction in county revenues. That's the whole problem, government ALWAYS wants to spend (or squander) every nickel they get their hands on. That's what government does. Starving the beast is the only way taxpayers can get any efficiency out of Government. 

If we had some politicians with any common sense, they ought to be putting every county service "out for bid" to see if private contractors could do a better job at lower cost (the civil service could bid on the contracts as well.) Some cities in Arizona have operated on that basis, and deliver necessary services to their citizens at very attractive cost.
What a crock.

My response?
This is certainly a symptom of the disease... Olson, of course, doesn't represent the Assessor, Treasurer, Sheriff, Auditor or the "Finance Team."

Her JOB is to REPRESENT THE PEOPLE.... and NOT the government bureaucrats.

This response on her part shows she's absolutely unsuitable for elective, representational government.

That reasoning is, simply stated, disgraceful.
Olson, Boldt and Stewart represent the very worst that government has to offer.

No clue or concern over who they're SUPPOSED to work for... instead, an insatiable desire to serve the government monster is what drives her.

Her election has already cost the people of this county unnecessary millions.  And for that, there is no excuse, nor will there be any excuse for the additional millions in tax increases she is GOING to support... because the "Assessor, Treasurer, Sheriff, Auditor, as well as the 'finance team' all testified for them..." is all the excuse she's going to need.

Because, what the hell... who cares what the PEOPLE want?

(By the way: the Assessor and Auditor are both, allegedly, Republicans.

And I will never vote for either of them again.  MY "finance team" told me not to.)

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