Saturday, January 02, 2016

Remember the "I told you so" in the new Marc Boldt Watch blog?

Well, now it begins.

I set up Marc Boldt Watch to hold him accountable for the damage he's inflicting and will inflict on this county.  I am going to document every leftist item on his agenda... and it's starting with a beaut: resurrecting the CRC Scam and rolling back the entirety of the conservative agenda in this county.

Those who put him there will be properly thanked as well... the Wilsons (Rep and Tracy), Brent Boger, Ann Donnelly, Carolyn Crain and the other RINO's who supported my moronic, useful tool brother-in-law... you all will get the credit you deserve.

Remember the "I told you so?" It begins.

As we all know by now, leftist democrat (and my psychotic brother-in-law) Marc Boldt, is a completely owned subsidiary of the downtown mafia, interested in both doing what he's told while exacting his revenge on all of us smart enough to oppose him being in government.

His slash and burn policy efforts to destroy county government (Just like, come to think of it, I Said he would) are the same as any other leftist in his position would do.  And with the help of the other two RINOs on the commission, he will get it done.

The first thing this moron is going to attempt is this:

So, this is the beginning of Boldt's far left agenda.

And every time one of the scum shilling the CRC tells you it's "dead," remind them that if it's so "dead," then why was the very first thing that idiot liar of a brother-in-law of mind do was to kill off county efforts to keep it buried?

You see,this is what I warned everyone about, come to life.

Boldt will govern out of hatred.  That's what this does.

Because if he wasn't... if he didn't have the leftist support of fellow RINOs Stewart and Olson, he wouldn't even try this.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is just the start of the agony he's going to inflict on us.

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