Monday, January 04, 2016

Fringe leftist hypocrisy on the Oregon "occupation"

So, a group of people have taken over a building to protest what they consider to be the unfair and unjust sentence of some ranchers who have been sentenced to 4 years for arson that resulted in around 120 acres of federal land burning, among other things... prosecuted for the fire being used to cover up poaching.

I don't know if they're right or wrong.  I don't know the facts of the case.

What I do know is that some of the local leftist scum are calling for these people to be killed... and also comparing them to ISIS and al Qaeda and stupidly, but typically when it comes to anyone to the right of Mao, claiming them to be guilty of treason: (Image by Lew Waters)

Typical of the C3G2 hate group, it didn't end there:   


I'm not suggesting those involved in taking over this building are right. What I'm suggesting is that many approve of a comparison that simply does not exist.

I reiterate: such a comparison is as idiotic as a Hitler-Obama one. They had similarities as well, but they also had huge differences. Lumping these idiots in with a group that has burned people alive and decapitated them while putting thousands into sexual slavery is inexcusable and unjustified.

Some disagree with what those in the building are doing. And that's their privilege. But this over-the-top comparison isn't being done because it's true... (it isn't close to true) it's being done to demonize them because it fits the meme.

It's like comparing the rioters in Ferguson and Baltimore with the civil rights movement. 

Taking it a step further, when leftists engage in this type of behavior, occupations of federal offices, or even occupations of private facilities and so forth... or burning down businesses or blocking traffic or protesting generally... do these same people call for their deaths of those so engaged... their burning... their trial and life time imprisonment for "treason?"

Of course they don't.

That, you see, is the rank, stinking hypocrisy of the left; the double standard; the failure to hold those who agree with them to the same standard they hold those who don't; the dramatic over-exaggeration to belittle, demean and demonize those they hate... just like so many of these leftist scum, including The Liar Leavitt and Johnny "Cockroach" Laird have tried to do to me. 

I get why they do it.  They do it, because, sadly, over time... it works.  It shifts the argument away from truth to their custom-tailored reality to shove the less-informed, the malleable, the ignorant to where they want them. 

That's why the left usually wins, politically.  Not because those blindly following them do so out of a sense of deep, unfettered knowledge, but because they know if they engage in unapproved "conflict" they'll be called names.  They'll be attacked.  They'll be condemned.  And far too many shrink away from that.  Those who have a duty to fight for us all too often turn a blind eye towards the people and become responsive to the special interests who own them because they want to avoid confrontation.

Right, Marc?

I haven't had any feelings one way or the other towards these people in Oregon.  I refuse to base my conclusions concerning what they are doing or why, allegedly, they are doing it on the conclusions of others.  I know that the two people in question are voluntarily turning themselves in sometime today, which speaks to either a knowledge of guilt on their part or a disavowal of these efforts on their behalf. 

I also know what ISIS and al Qaeda are and what they've done and much of our role in that as a country.  They were, after all, the JV Team, right?

But the faux outrage of the left has far exceeded the outrage these same scum have shown towards the slaughter of Americans by muslims or the importation of tens of thousands of additional muslims who hate the very idea of, say, gay marriage... and who, given the opportunity, are members of a religion that would slaughter these same people with a drop of a hat.

It's not just that they're thoughtless.  It's that, in a sober moment, they know the truth of the matter and refuse to admit it when it's so much more convenient to lie about those they hate. 


Lew Waters said...

Giving credit where it is due, two people did call for it to be removed and it has been. But, not before a few others chimed in;

Bill Cantrell: "Shoot the bastards like they were black and protesting inequality."

Randy English: "That's what happens when you listen to Sean hannity."

Just a guy said...

I appreciate that two people there had, apparently, some common decency.

But far too many people there shared the view of the poster in question. But the common thread of fringe-left hatred still shined through... going to the heart of the matter: which is, to the best of my knowledge, no black rioter has been shot for burning or protesting anything.

But C3G2 operates in an alternate reality, one that does not exist in the real world.

They have accumulated power that far exceeds their grasp. They are the types who typically support a Boldt or some other leftist who will ignore the will of the people who favor their agenda.

The right has no similar group in operation, failure to organize the commuting public as a voting block, for example, has been a horrifically missed opportunity tat could develop a voting block that could run this county and counter their efforts to install a leftist oligarchy not unlike the one they had until 2012.

Rebecca Lineham said...

They hope to go out as martyrs and die for this country -- I hope they enjoy their 72 cousins in Heaven!

Just a guy said...

Ms. Lineham, of course, being a case in point.

An admitted leftist, she represents the side extremely well... and is exactly the sort of example I was referring to when it comes to voting based on hate as opposed to voting based on the issues confronting us.

These people in the Oregon situation, even if misguided or right or flat out wrong, are again likened to islamic terrorists by her ilk... when there is, effectively, precisely zero comparison.

And again, the reality is that similar incidents by leftists never engender this type of response from their fellow leftists. In short, the message they send is that if they don't agree with the what, they will always Alinski the messenger.

Thanks for coming by, Ms. Lineham... and do come back.