Tuesday, January 19, 2016

More racial insanity from the Seattle Times.

While in my experience of 60 years of being white I've yet to ever experience the shame of "white privilege," I certainly have been schooled on "White Guilt."

The latest lesson came from the fringe-left nutbergers on the Seattle Times editorial board, who, among other things, wrote this garbage in yesterday's editorial:

How Washington can build equality in Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision 


Take the Washington Voting Rights Act. The proposal gives voters and cities a tool to fix the underrepresentation[sic] of ethnic minorities in elected government positions. For instance, positions that are elected citywide give more sway to the majority. That scenario played out for years in Yakima, a Central Washington city that is about 40 percent Latino. White candidates regularly shut out Latino candidates in primary and general elections.

The system left a sizable group of people and swaths of neighborhoods without representation in City Hall — unacceptable in a mature democracy.

Sheer, unadulterated crap.

The very idea that "representation" can ONLY be provided by someone the same color or the same gender or the same sexual preference or the same height, or eye color or weight?


So, there ya go, people.

Live in a predominantly black city... without BEING black, and these clowns seem to believe that you have no representation.

You see, in the world of the guilt-ridden fringe leftist, color or gender or sexual preference is not A factor... oh, no.  It is THE factor.  It is the only determinant as to your suitability for election.  It's much more important than your vision, your qualifications, or your level of integrity.

You MUST, they tell us, represent the skin color of those you would represent.  Otherwise, you're unfit for office.

Because, for example, our esteemed president has done just a bang-up job for the blacks in this country over the 7 years he's terrorized us.

We are stuck with a clueless moron representing us in Congress... a woman who's entire purpose is to get re-elected and who could care less about representing the will of the people of this congressional district... who happens to be at least a semi-hispanic female.

Using the idiotic pap as outlined from the Seattle Times?

If you're a male in the 3rd CD, you have no representation in Congress.

If you're white in the 3rd CD... you have no representation in Congress.

In fact, UNLESS you're at least a partially hispanic female in the 3rd CD... you have no congressional representation!

If you buy into the idea that all representation is race-based.

If you buy into the idea that all representation is gender-based.

If you buy into the idea that all representation is based on what your sexual proclivities happen to be.

Well, I KNOW that my state senator doesn't represent me.  But it's not because our genders are different.  It's because she sold out and broke her election promises to oppose the gas tax and tab fee increases.

And that lack of integrity isn't gender-based or race based or sexual-preference based.

It's based on being a sell out.  And there's no guarantee that any elected individual won't be that's slammed into place by a politician's color, gender, eye color or any other factor except what is INSIDE them.

Because when Rivers betrayed us... she betrayed us all, regardless of any of those factors that have those idiots in the Seattle Times so exorcised.

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Lew Waters said...

Received in email just today;

voting rights restricted in Washington

Linda Sánchez Unsubscribe

2:12 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

Please join me and demand that Congress restores basic voting protections.

Su voto es su voz (Your vote is your voice).

But today, our right to vote is under attack. Please join me and demand that Congress restores basic voting protections.

Before the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965, literacy tests and poll taxes kept minorities from the polls.

For Latinos, the Voting Rights Act was key to gaining equality in the electoral process.

But after the Supreme Court overturned key pieces of the Voting Rights Act, Republican leaders have failed us and our democracy. They’ve intentionally brought us back to a dark time in our past.

Today, Republicans are using voter ID laws and eliminating early voting to deliberately restrict the rights of Latinos and minority groups across America.

They’re chipping away at the right to vote. It’s wrong. That’s why I’m asking you to join me and demand that Congress restores the right to vote.

If you believe all Americans should have the right to vote, sign on now.

I was born to immigrant parents from Mexico. My dad was a mechanic and my mom was an educator.

Only in America can someone like me, the daughter of immigrants, become a member of Congress.

But there’s no question that the Voting Rights Act empowered me to live the American dream.

Without it, myself and other Congressional members would not be here to represent our communities.

For the sake of democracy, this right must be restored and protected. I need your help to demand change.

Join me in support of voting rights protections by adding your name today.

I spent my day yesterday reflecting on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy.

Dr. King believed that there is no greater tool for change than the right to vote.

I’m asking you to join me and fight to restore that right for every American.

Thank you for your support,

Congresswoman Linda Sánchez