Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Folks... relax about the presidential candidates...

I'm not backing anyone as yet.

And I won't until shortly before the primary vote here in May, if memory serves.

Because what is the point?

The decision as to who the nominee is going to be is likely going to be made long before we see a ballot to pick one.

I'm not going to get hyper about any of these people, just to not see them having a chance to win.  Why set yourself up for disappointment?

I'm never voting for a RINO, which eliminates anyone named Bush, or Rubio, or Kasich, or Christie.

Santorum won't be on the ballot after Iowa.  Neither will Huckabee.  Paul is a fruit loop like his old man... and Fiorina has dropped like a rock to next to nothingness.

I will be voting for either Carson... who has also collapsed in the polls... or Cruz... who has the downside of being beholding to the Establishment... the hated Establishment... in order to beat Hillary... or Trump, who has, relatively speaking, more money than an emerging nation and wouldn't owe anyone anything... which is why, in part, so many fear him.

If, in the general, it's any of these three, I'll be voting for any of them.  If it isn't, I won't be voting.

Isn't democracy fun?

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