Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Wow. Where have we seen this before and why did it take so long?

For months now, I've been warning the GOP establishment types that any hope in dealing with Trump and his supporters rests in assimilating his positions.  In short, moving towards him instead of the RINO perspective of running away from him, screaming.

Well, what DO you know?  Here's the latest from the terrified GOP when it comes to actually handling a Trump candidacy:

Here's the money quote from all of this:
In a seven-page confidential memo that imagines Trump as the party’s presidential nominee, the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee urges candidates to adopt many of Trump’s tactics, issues and approaches — right down to adjusting the way they dress and how they use Twitter.
In the memo on the “Trump phenomenon,” NRSC Executive Director Ward Baker said Republicans should embrace his tough talk about China and “grab onto the best elements of [his] anti-Washington populist agenda.” Above all, they should appeal to voters as genuine and beyond the influence of special interests.
“Trump has risen because voters see him as authentic, independent, direct, firm, — and believe he can’t be bought,” Baker writes. “These are the same character traits our candidates should be advancing in 2016. That’s Trump lesson #1.”
Left out from this is an assumption of Trump's stances on National Security and dealing with Illegal Aliens.

These are a critical part of Trump's populism and the Establishment, being the Establishment,  still has yet to grasp the attraction, the allure of a candidate who wants to talk about the issues THE PEOPLE want to talk about; discussing these issues in ways that resonate with the voting base.  Whatever they do, leaving these two elements out will not help them.

Until now, the GOP has been treating Trump like a red-headed rented step child.

This appears to be the first step on an ultimately painful journey for those who've managed to do so much to lose against the worst president the country has ever known.

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