Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The "Syrian" refugee problem continues unabated.

"We just need somebody to understand us, to help us."

Like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE and Bahrain? Who refuse to take any of these people?

That's part of the biggest problem I have with this. Some well meaning people are trying to hold the West accountable for refusing more of these refugees... many of who, particularly the men, should not be running away but should, in fact, be staying to fight it out to get their countries back... but who is holding the Middle Eastern countries accountable for refusing to take these people in? And what are the troops from these countries doing about the reasons so many are leaving?

No one and nothing. And our collective responsibility to these people does not exceed that of the prosperous countries in the region.

We have no way of knowing who these people are.  We won't know for sure if they're from Syria or from Mars. We have no way of knowing what they will do. I am not interested in the risks to us; and I am even less interested in expending billions for refugees when we don't even keep our promises to our Veterans here.

But the idea that they will come here, assimilate, and love hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet is not something that is going to happen. I have yet to see where any muslim puts their country ahead of their religion... and much of their religion is built on and lived by people who take the calls to jihad and slaughter of the enemies of allah quite literally.

Which of these two is the terrorists? I have no idea. Which of the refugees named Tsarnaev (The scum behind the Boston Marathon attack) were terrorists?

And if memory serves... they started out not unlike those kids.

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