Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The simplest way to best Trump on his muslim proposals: Come up with a better idea.

Like so many other things RINO's and their fellow leftists whine about... Trump continues to build his numbers which are beginning to have a certain inexorable quality about them... their condemnations all lack a something which would provide them with a certain level of credibility which they currently lack:


That's the common thread of the whining leftists and the sniveling RINOs.

That insist on telling us what they believe won't work.

Yet.... there's no peep from them about what WILL work.

During my roughly 6 years on legislative staff, I was inundated with people whining, bitching and moaning about any number of things.

What was lacking from these people... like what's lacking from those bitching and moaning about Trump... were viable solutions to whatever it was they were complaining about.

(As a brief aside, if you have some sort of legislative issue... or if you're a whining/sniveling teacher demanding a higher level of extortion, aka, pay... merely complaining solves nothing.

You demand more money?  Swell: tell us where it's going to come from.  Tell us who's program is going to get cut to enrich YOU, and why YOU getting that money is more important than those you'd take it from.

Just sayin'.)

So, Trump's idea allegedly sucks.

OK.  Swell. 

What's YOUR idea?

This in form is no different than the RINO/Fringe-left reaction to the idea of arming teachers.

Besides the complete lack of response to the question: so, if YOUR child was in that Sandy Hook classroom, would you want your teacher to be armed with a gun... or the stapler she threw at the shooter before he blew her chest out and slaughtered those babies; I have NEVER been able to find any SOLUTIONS from any of these people to the classroom security problems confronting us... particularly "solutions" that didn't involve fire arms...

... I'm still looking for answers to the question:  OK, great.  You don't like Trump's idea?

Then what's yours?

Give us something better to work with.

Face it, I'm ready to support ANY idea, no matter the source... that actually works.

You've got a better idea?  Let's hear it.  I'm not married to Trump OR his idea... but I'll support that idea... until or unless something better comes along.

The problem?

None of the whiners and snivelers have come up with a thing.

And until they do.... there's no reason to listen to the naysayers.  None.

Because their motives ARE suspect.  Because Trump is NOT their guy.  And if there was a way to destroy Trump, fair or foul, they'd take it.

So, let's hear it, whiners: how do YOU put a stop to this threat?

And until you DO come up with one?

Shut the hell up.  You add nothing to the discourse, accomplish nothing and look like spoiled, petulant, brats.

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