Thursday, December 10, 2015

Folks, the Constitution is not our Nation's death warrant, and has to be viewed in terms of our survival.

I have sworn an oath, with no expiration date, to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic."

I've been pondering this... processing this... in the background for a long time now, an exercise that all of us should go through to determine our positions.

My position on this is extremely complex.  It's based on the following factors which form my conclusion.

First, the Constitution is not a death warrant.

The founding fathers likely could no more anticipate the Nation of today in their deliberations than they could levitate.

As a Nation, we face threats that would have caused their brains to short circuit.

Second, the "paramount duty" of the people of this country is the survival of this Nation.

However we view the Constitution, it can never be viewed as an impediment to the continuation and survival of the United States.

Third, my understanding of what is and what isn't "unconstitutional."

The fabric that holds us together as a country has been torn to shreds in a variety of ways by our government: a lack of testicular fortitude on the part of the GOP has allowed this, nurtured it, caused it.

I have yet to see where any candidate has suggested they would implement any policy that is unconstitutional.  Concluding that, for example, keeping muslims out of the country is no where supported by fact as much as that conclusion is supported by political bias.

Building a wall isn't "unconstitutional."  Allowing local law enforcement to enforce immigration law is not unconstitutional.  Cutting spending, getting rid of Obamaphones and the like, not unconstitutional.  Bombing the shit out of ISIS, not unconstitutional.

Fourth, this is an outcome-based business.

WHATEVER happens, the outcome is the thing.

Cutting the deficit, re-establishing our dominance on the world scene, restoring our military by increasing its size and getting rid of the social programs... not "unconstitutional."

Fifth, our enemy, like most enemies allowed to survive, is growing in their capabilities and adapting to our weaknesses as a function of time.

They are using our own system against us.

Revelations are pouring out over the terrorist couple in San Bernardino about how the "system" was used to bring that woman into this country: in short, we INVITED this woman here... which, as it turns out, was no unlike you or I taking the needed steps to INVITE cancer into out bodies.

Rhetorically, I'm reminded of a non-biblical parable:  I'm sick.  I'm close to dying.

The treatment for my disease has been iffy in the past.  Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't.  There is a possibility... a likelihood... that if I use it, it might even make me worse off than if I didn't do anything.

I know of a medication that hasn't yet been approved for my particular disease.  This medication has far fewer side effects and lasts much longer.  The outcomes are proven to be more effective in terms of their immediacy and results.

But I can't get this medication because the medical profession has only one view of their treatment; it's what THEY think that counts, and even though it's much worse for me, they don't care: they see their way as the only way, and if it works, it works; if it doesn't, it doesn't.

And that's fine for them: they're not "sick."

But this disease has publicly stated it is going to kill me.

I have a variety of ways to keep that from happening, but none of those ways fit in with the way the medical profession views the problem... or the ways they've been treating me to this point.

What do I do?  Go along with the clueless program?  Or do what I have to do to survive?

That, as I see it, is the crux of the matter: what do we as a Nation do now?

What would Lincoln do?

What would Roosevelt do?

Recently, Trump has stated he would take the following steps: he would do A, B, C, D.

Some have been complaining that he doesn't say "how" he would accomplish these steps.  Some are pissed that he would "go around Congress."

Not, they claim, unlike the current president.

The problems I have with that are these:

The president doesn't care about Congress because they are even weaker cowards than he is.  He's played them like a violin and determined there is no need for him to seek their approval or permission.

He started slow on the little things to see what Congress would do (nothing) and this merely emboldened him to try doing what he wanted on the bigger things, rightfully sure that Congress won't do anything now, either.

He was right, of course: so Obama has set up a defacto dictatorship.

In this instance, because the feckless GOP-controlled Congress has allowed him to do so.

Why shouldn't he?

Congress is among the very lowest in popularity in the country today: an 11% or so approval rating.

Obama couldn't buy high approval ratings.


Simple.  Because they do what they want instead of what WE want them to do.

But what if it was the reverse?

What if Congress was actually a responsive, aware, living body that paid attention, dealt through courage and worried less about re-election than they do accomplishments that mirror the will of the people they represent?

Would they STILL be as unpopular?

Of course not.

If Obama actually cared about this country... if he actually heard our pleas and acted on behalf of the American people, would HE be as unpopular as he is?

Would there even BE a Trump?

I doubt it.

Unfortunately, our country has sank to the lower end of the funnel.  Options for action are increasingly scarce.  Time is of the essence.

What is lacking... are ideas to address these obvious short-comings.

I see and hear many people whining, bitching, moaning and complaining.

What I DON'T see are people coming up with ideas to address our myriad of problems.  I don't hear anyone offering solutions.  And I believe that anyone offering solutions MUST be listened to... and that those opposed to the ideas in question have a duty to come up with something better.

Think of it in terms of the CRC Scam.

Where are the ideas to resolve our cross-river transportation issues?

If it isn't spelled CRC, then the naysayers don't want to hear it... even though the PEOPLE have made it clear that the scam in question resolves nothing.

So, they punish us for failing to support their "solution" by doing nothing, trying nothing and accomplishing... nothing.

David Madore comes along with a plan that might work.  But because his name is attached to it, the haters trash his plan and him for even suggesting it.

They don't come up with any viable alternative, you understand, because they don't care about that.  They just want to trash him... no matter how much we suffer as a result.

The current national political scene is lining up much the same way.  The left and the RINOs are hating Trump.  The GOP establishment still doesn't get it.

For months now, I've been writing that the only hope the Establishment has is to co-opt Trump and take his positions away from him.

Instead, they act towards Trump like they were being paid by Hillary.  And that's exactly the wrong thing to do.

The way to defeat Trump is to out-idea the man and then out-campaign him... if you can.

You don't like Trump or his ideas?

Swell.  Come up with something better.

But do so knowing this: doing nothing is always the WRONG thing.

And we're running out of time.

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