Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The price of equality in the military: will women pay it?

Recently, that last bastion of male superiority, Combat Arms, was finally... albeit temporarily... opened to women.

But that begs the question: what is "equality," exactly?

Well, here's the dictionary definition:

Full Definition of equality

 plural equal·i·ties

the quality or state of being equal

 Which, of course, brings us to the definition of the root word: equal.


adjective \ˈē-kwəl\

Simple Definition of equal

:the same in number, amount, degree, rank, or quality

     :having the same mathematical value.
    :equal, the same for each person

"The same for each person."

 What does that mean, exactly, particularly in military terms?

Well, if equal is to mean EQUAL, then that means women have to be the same as men in every measurable way.

They have to be as fast as men.

They have to be as strong.

They have to carry the same amount for the same distance in the same conditions.  They have to run as fast, do as many push ups and chin ups.

They have to eat the same food.  Drink the same water.  Share hygiene... and the lack thereof.

There has to be NO reduction in combat capabilities because women are in Combat Arms; no requirement for increased logistical support.

No more money can be spent on women then men based on gender.

And, of course, no more pregnancy while on active duty.

Because that, ladies and gentlemen, is what "equality" means.

We'll never see that, of course.

Women have never wanted true equality.

If women actually wanted "equality," then none of them would ever take advantage of "affirmative action," otherwise known as discrimination against males.  They would be rioting in the streets to get to register for the draft.  They'd be suing as hard for that as they did to get killed while getting others killed in a combat environment.

"Equality" is not some sort of abstract construct.  But is IS an absolute.

One is completely equal... or one is unequal.  And equality is earned.  It's not handed to anyone on the end of a government bayonet merely because the clueless led by the ignorant chose to ordain it on an ocean of female blood spilled to prove a point... namely, how "progressive" they are.

The Marine Corps study proved that women in Combat Arms will be a disaster.  Our leadership, both military and civilian, had an agenda... so billions will be wasted and uncounted numbers of men and women slaughtered because of it. 

Women, allegedly, want entree into the worst humanity has to offer: combat.

But the moment it becomes clear... as it will become clear... that they refuse to pay the price... that there are worse things than "discrimination" (Try being rape bait as a muslim prisoner.  Can we, as a society, even begin to imagine what it was like for that poor girl that was killed... by us, allegedly... having been forced into becoming a sex slave after SHE was captured?  why would anyone believe that it would be any different for our female prisoners of war which will be an inevitable outcome of this?  And when it happens... and it will... are we supposed to feel sorry for them?  What are we supposed to do about it?  Now might be a good time to discuss that.)  that the mere presence of these privileged women, like those who've been passed through Ranger school, will cause far more difficulty than they solve...

And then what?

To this point in our history, we've been mostly lucky.

The luck of geography, protected by two oceans... the luck of a mostly unified people, now shattered in our petty political grievances and manipulated by those who would see us destroyed...  make no mistake about it: the generals in the military know damned well this is a mistake.  And the biggest problem is their decision to betray us by not refusing to implement this horrifically stupid policy that will never... ever... touch the daughters of those who would order it.

That is what we have to look forward to.

I have a 22 year old daughter who could no more survive in combat than she could levitate.  And it's not just the massive waste of time and money it would take to train this 5 ft 1 inch female, who is so tough in so many ways but who simply could not ever deal with the rigors of a combat environment... it's that those dollars and that time could, instead, be spent on someone who actually COULD fight.

Namely, a bigger, stronger, male.

But now, there will never be a way to draft men without drafting an equal number of women.

And there will never be a way to force men to fight without... you guessed it... forcing an equal number of women to fight.

All under the guise of "equality" of course.

And when women are allowed gender-based privileges not given to men...  imagine the law suits that will start flying in the OTHER direction.

And how will that do anything to make us stronger?

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