Monday, December 14, 2015

The leftist bent: "under-representation."

So, our local fish-wrapper plays it's roughly yearly "women are under-represented in politics" card, a snivel-fest that re-cements their "it's not a matter of judgement, but instead, a matter of race and gender" perspective that leftists like to play.

I don't care what your gender is.

I don't care what your color is.

What I care about is your judgement and the package that judgement comes in is utterly irrelevant to me.

But not to the two-leftist senators and the two RINO congresswomen in the paper.

All of them have done far more TO us than FOR us.  I oppose these women in office the same way I would oppose them if they were men: four leftists who have done much more harm to our country than good.

Murray lied in the article when she stated "“I came here to make politics work for everyone and policies to work for everyone."

Except veterans.  Except those on the political spectrum to the right of Mao.  Except to taxpayers. Except to the military.

Her plumbing doesn't make her unfit for governance: her politics, as dishonest and Boss Hoggish as they are, manage that quite aside from her gender.

Cantwell, perhaps best known for her sexcapades with democrat consultant Ron Dotzhaur among a legion of others, has a mediocre career at best.  But then, politically, Washington is a mediocre state, so that's not terrible surprising.  (It's not her sex life that I find problematic.  It's her penchant for married men that shows a lack of judgement, politics aside.)

Ridgefield Barbie has earned my disdain because of her political cowardice, her "mail it in" job ethic, her use of her daughter as a political accessory, her abandonment of her district in the midst of the CRC scam, and exaggeration over her history, her lack of any private sector employment and her RINO voting record that has hurt the entire country as she's vote against veterans and to increase the debt ceiling... because, apparently, $18 trillion in debt just isn't enough.

Allegedly, according to "everything-I-say-is-designed-to-make-me-look-good" Herrera, she was actually at some fictitious "high level negotiation" in a "smoke-filled room" where she spoke "for a minute" and then left.

Thankfully, if any of it is true.

Jeff Dunham with Ahmed the Suicide Bomber and Ahmed;'s son.
But given what an intellectual light weight she is and how little anyone in DC cares what she "thinks," I find it hard to believe that she was ever involved in anything "high level."

And how likely is that?  Herrera is a political light-weight: think in terms of Jeff Dunham's Ahmed the Suicide Bomber puppet with her master's hand up her back... with McMorris playing the role of Dunham.

Cathy McMorris bolted Herrera together out of spare parts laying around the office and then parachuted her back here to take on Brian Baird.  Herrera's ignorance about the legislative district she hadn't lived in for 10 or 11 years was an astounding thing to watch, but because Boldt had the fix in, we're stuck with her.

Meanwhile, McMorris, who was something else entirely in the Washington State House, has been thoroughly corrupted by the DC system and is still in House leadership... which, of course, along with the ascension of RINO Ryan is one of the many reasons the people of this country despise the Congress of the United States.... and notice no chance from when the House was being run by John Bonehead.

Her clueless idiocy in believing that gender somehow equals judgement is frequently belied by the votes she takes.  And frankly, you can't have it both ways.

I can simplify the reasons for so few women in political office:  First, how many actually run?  If, as a number, 10% of the candidates are women, then what is the expected percentage in office?

Second, the women this state has produced for office have, with rare exception, been a horrific disappointment.

Third, many have better things to do.

And by "better," I mean any number of things that all people, regardless of gender, have to do.

Like brain surgeon.  Or grease monkey.  Or ditch digger.

Any one of those professions are nobler than that which these 4 women have sold us out for.

However, it's a fringe-left idea that "representation" is a function of color.  Or reproductive plumbing.

In the name of equality, we're alleged, judgment is independent of gender or race.

But like all situational equality of the variety practiced by minorities and women (Since they're the majority of the population, minority status notwithstanding) in this country today, TRUE equality is meaningless.

Because in everything from the military, to police and fire, to politics... gender would be invisible.

Women would refuse to take a PT test that allow them to achieve half the standard of men to pass.

Women would not be lionized for barely passing a 12 mile march with a light pack and subsequently need medical attention as a result... as if that was some sort of accomplishment.

The hypocrisy reeking from this article in the democratian is an indictment of equality.  It reinforces the idea that true equity will never be achieved, because in the minds of so many, true equality; measurable equality, will only show the short-comings.  So they settle for the situational variety, where women have been crying for combat arms jobs they could never qualify for and only males are required to register for the draft.

And frankly, these 4 women, who have long been in the place where something like that could be achieved... through the law... have just sat on their hands, ignoring the glaring holes in their whining equality meme... because, well, hell: they don't want to be ALL equal when it might cause THEM to suffer the penalties for such a thing... things that men have to do without even a second thought.

That there is even mention of race-based or gender-based representation in this day and age is a sorry commentary on those who claim to be in favor of that ever-illusive "equality" they snivel about, but do so very little to achieve.

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