Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blowing off another "debate."

Folks, there's apparently another soap-opera bumper-sticker GOP debate tonight, with the fringe-left whack-jobs of the Clinton News Network cattle-prodding the candidates.

I have yet to watch one of these lynchings and have yet to understand why the GOP is moronic enough to insist on sticking their collective heads into the neo-communist mouth of the uber-leftist lion.

I will be missing it tonite, as I have missed all of these colossal wastes of time.

My mind will not be changed by anything any of these people say tonite: I reiterate that the decision as to who the GOP runs in the general will be long-since decided before we get any say in any of this.  And there's no reason to get all riled up over supporting any of these people as yet because that decision has long since been taken out of the hands of the people and put into the hands of the many special interests calling the shots.

But then, you reading this already knew that.

So here's what you can do about it.

Do you own research.  Pay attention over the long term.  Make an informed decision.

Be mindful that the left is trying to cause a high-speed come-apart.  They want Clinton to win and will do anything they can, fair or foul, to make that happen.

Even FOXNews is playing that game: how many times has their high-priced horse-flesh announced the demise of Trump?  Why do they focus on any good news for anyone else?

Does he LOOK "demised" to you?

The last two polls have him up more than twice his nearest competitor... the Monmouth Poll at 3 times his nearest guy.

So, look beyond those who would tell you what to think.

I'm not.

But I AM telling you TO think.  And those riveted to these debates?

That is others doing your thinking for you.  Look behind the curtain.  Pay attention to those telling you you're stupid or whatever for whoever you support... because they have the most to lose.

A careful decision made late is better than an irresponsible, uninformed decision made now.

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