Monday, December 21, 2015

The irony of Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers sniveling about "low-income residents" and "civil legal aid."

Look, those of us paying attention know that Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers has a huge image problem, having thrown all Clark County residents under her jack-the-gas-tax-and-tab-fees vote bus that she lied about to get elected in the first place.

With a $700 million bill presented to us and her deliberate efforts to keep us from having any say on the largest gas tax increase in state history, a highly questionable project list of $200 million for an unneeded, unwanted scam at the Mill Plain/I-5 intersection and a smattering of little projects around her district AND $500 million being sucked out of this county to pay for King County's massive wastes of billions for tunnels and loot rail and floating bridges... a $1600 per man, woman, child and infant tax jack... a district that voted roughly 72% NO on the gas tax advisory vote... yeah, Rivers has image problems, to put it mildly... masquerading as a Republican while screwing us like a downtown Vancouver democrat.

Think of it: Gas Tax Rivers billed each family of four a total of $6400.  And she then thought so little of us that she refused to fight to allow us a vote on it... while supporting a bogus emergency clause to get that money bonded out before we COULD vote on it if the signatures had been gathered to get it ON the ballot.

And that, of course, is because the allegedly GOP senate knew we'd vote "no," and they couldn't have that... now, could they?

So, I appreciate that her heart is bleeding over "civil legal aid," considering that those her gigantic tax vote will hurt the most over the years are the very population demographic that will need this "civil legal aid."

This piece, which was not written by Rivers but which instead written for her by her Public Information Officer, is a weak effort to do something positive for her image as a liar and a politician tin-eared to the demands of the district that she swore to represent.

But then, she ALSO swore not to support a gas tax increase or tab fee increases, as this screen capture of her campaign website shows:

No one made her lie to get elected, but these words speak for themselves.

And now each and every one of us are on the hook for hundreds of dollars a year because of her and her lies.

Think about that every time you're putting gas or diesel in your vehicles, and understand that Rivers is the one responsible for our pain.

It's one thing to know that pain.

It's another to cause it.

And Rivers caused it.

And she is going to cause much more in the upcoming session.

You read it here first.

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