Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Bobbsey Twins: the fringe left hypocrisy of Moeller and LaBrant

Fortunately, there's only a year left of Jimmy Moeller in politics, and we'll be well rid of him after his moronic effort to become the "first openly gay" something else.

But then, there's this fringe-left hypocrited bigot, Eric LaBrant.

Up until this week, this bigot has been best known for this stupidity: (Screen captures by Lew Waters)

The local cancer on our community, the democratian, has naturally never mentioned this bigotry: after all, they provided tens of thousands of dollars in in-kind contributions for their fellow leftist scumbag and if they love you, they love you.

As we all know.

And if the rag likes you, that means you get a pass for all sorts of lies, bigotry, criminal activity.

But then, LaBrandt has to double down on his hypocrisy with THIS insanity:

As Lew pointed out, this hypocrite sucked up at least $100,000 from California billionaire Tom Steyer, who has already wasted millions here in Washington State trying to buy the state senate (as if he needs democrats when so many in the GOP are for sale?) and will likely waste millions more in the future to turn the west coast into a democrat fortress and make a serious effort to cause this coast to succeed from the Union and form "Ecotopia", except this time, make it real... instead of a nonsensical Callenbach book.

The idiocy and effort to further fringe-left causes behind I-735 aside, for a guy to suck up tens of thousands of dollars from an individual who made billions off of both corporations AND pollution-causing businesses and then babble this garbage as if he was above it all.... is the pinnacle of leftist hypocrisy.

But it's the kind of thing typically OK on the left; after all, there is no bigger hypocrite in politics today than HillBilly, and she's committed... and is committing... enough crime to gain several life sentences in whatever the female version of Leavenworth may be.

But for a scumbag like this who was elected ENTIRELY and COMPLETELY because of the very thing he's sniveling about now?

Between that and his bigotry... which the democratian will also stay silent about... he should no more be in office than Lying Lefty Lou should be allowed around a keyboard.

And Jimmy Moeller?

His latest idiocy is this beaut:

China, of course, has that honor, and NOT the United States.  But little Jimmy has never been what you might call "fact driven."


Because those shilling global warming are clowns in a circus.  And the clown named Moeller is the biggest clown with Obama as a ringmaster.

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