Tuesday, December 08, 2015

So, people are pissed over Trumps proposals to end muslim "immigration." Well...

You may have heard about this:

As expected, many in the RINO contingent express "outrage," and "anger."

The usual non-Republicans; Lindsey Graham, Little Jebbie, Loser Kasich, Chris Christie, Jorge Pataki, Lose-o Rubio, Somebody named Gilmore and, of course, their fellow leftists, HillBilly and Burnt-out Sanders, all beat the hell out of him for saying what many of us think, but few of us have the guts to actually say.

Freezing immigration is a start.

But here's the problem I have with the haters:  While they all have hair-trigger hate, and none of these clowns stand a chance of winning...

NONE of them offer any alternatives.

What they are stupidly saying is that even in the face of an obvious requirement to do SOMETHING, these clowns just run around condemning Trump.

NONE of them offer any viable alternative.

And that's the thing: I am, perhaps, completely misreading all of this nonsense.  But *I* know that things are going to HAVE to be done to address muslim hatred and enabling, such as the enabling that assisted those two scum in San Bernardino to slaughter us.

We MUST act.  We must do SOMETHING beside the Obama solution of babbling a worthless speech and then going out to party, or play another round of golf.

Trump proposes this as a step that will actively, actually, make a difference... a positive difference; one which would have, were it enacted a few years ago, kept that hideous women out of this country... her passing of Homeland Security Counter- Terrorism background checks notwithstanding.

These and other whining and sniveling putzes that condemn him for it... offer what... exactly... in the alternative?

Nothing that *I* can see.

Don't like what Trump's got to say about this?

Swell.... that's your right.

But your objections, as those of the other RINO's, are utterly and completely worthless, UNLESS...

...unless you can put up a viable alternative that will mean the same or better result.

And to date, I haven't heard anything about those.

That's the thing, you see: it's EASY to blow holes in someone else's positions.

Not quite so easy to come up with something better.

Meanwhile, Trump's numbers will continue to climb while those of his naysayers...


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