Monday, December 07, 2015

Removing Por 15 from skin: use regular PAM cooking spray.

Today's date is actually 29 Jun 2016, but I've shut this blog down for awhile so this post is buried in it.

I used black, shiny Por15 (Por 15) as part of a repair on my 69 Camaro.

And like many who use it, I managed to get some on my skin.

Now, the instructions say you have to remove it while it's still wet.  And that's great if you know its on you.

I used it once before a few years back and went through hell getting it off my skin.  In fact, most internet searches indicate that the only way to get it off is to out wait it until new skin comes in... 7 - 14 days.

I went through almost everything you could think off... Draino, Comet powder cleanser, finger nail polish remover... anything and everything.

So, I thought in the interim that someone else might have come up with an idea that worked.

I went from board to board, article to article, and somebody out there said they got some off with vegetable oil.

Now, I had a hard time believing that.  But I figured, what the heck... couldn't hurt.

So, I go to the kitchen, thinking there's got to be some vegetable oil around there somewhere...  No luck.

But as I was looking through the last cabinet... there stood a can of PAM.

Yes PAM... "The original cooking spray."

I thought to myself that canola oil, which is in PAM, is, in fact, "vegetable oil." so why not give it a shot?

So I did.  I sprayed a small, quarter-sized spot of the PAM directly onto the Por 15 spot, and rubbed it for a few seconds with an old wash rag.  Almost 90% of it came off with it.  I sprayed it again, waited a second, rubbed it again and it was gone.

No pain.  No skin rubbed off.  No scratches, stinging or any of that.  I had some on my fingers of both hands and on my right arm.  Using this stuff, it was gone within 5 minutes.  All of it.

I'm going to use some tomorrow, and take a video to show what it does.

Give it a try for yourself.  It's only a few bucks and this stuff really, really works.

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