Friday, December 18, 2015

RINO perambulation: how the House and Senate are going to cost the GOP the presidency.

So, RINO Ryan has exceeded the downward spiral I had predicted for the GOP when he got the Speaker job.

As I indicated at the time, the failure to replace the entire leadership team, including McMorris, was a sign that the transition between Boehner and Ryan would be absolutely seamless.

If anything, I underestimated what a disaster he would be.

As illustrated by yet another disastrous, GOP-supported budget that increases our already massive debt by hundreds of billions of dollars, the GOP seems to be operating in some sort of a vacuum where they are completely out of touch and out of communication with the real world.

Correspondingly, the equally leftist leadership of the Senate will go along with that insanity and I expect the budget will pass over there with ease.

The result?

Others will conclude... as I have concluded... that it makes absolutely no difference who is in the House...

...who is in the Senate...

...and who is president.

As a result... a battered and ignored base is liable to throw up their collective hands and just say the hell with it.

I know I'm creeping closer and closer to that point.

So, the question becomes: how much is enough?  When does the base just rare back and say "screw you" to a GOP abusing us like a rented step-child?

For me, that moment has long since arrived.

Your mileage, however, may vary.


david clark said...

Ryan abuse is NOTHING compared to the abuse we will get from Hilary:
1. Gun confiscation
2. Carbon tax or cap & trade leading to economic destruction.
3. shutting down coal & nuclear power plants leading to blackouts and $500/month electric bills.
4. European style gas tax giving us $10+ / gal gas.
5. Light rail.
6. Single payer.
7. death panels.

Just a guy said...

Give RINO time... he just got there

His list of outrages is sure to grow.