Thursday, December 17, 2015

Democratian insanity: no light rail means a replacement bridge that is NOT loot rail ready.

Look,  I get that the democratian still has a light rail fetish.   But "no light rail" does not mean building a replacement bridge that we do not need that will be capable of utilization for light rail... now or in the future.

If such a bridge were stupidly built,  Portland, which believes they own SW Washington,  would apply incessant and unrelenting pressure to start running it over here.  And that doesn't come close to what we'd have to bleed out to pay tolls... another massive number of millions sucked out of our local economy to join with the money Rivers' gas tax is vacuuming out every day.

While the local cancer on our community has long since declared us stupid,  the fact is we are not.

As much as they snivel about needing a new bridge, we need additional bridges in additional locations much, much more before anything gets done about the I-5 Bridge.

And as we all know that the entirety of this scam is to stuff light rail down our throats,  the under handed mention of "loot rail ready" is all a part of the CRC scam.

This is the typical leftist idea of compromise.   And naturally,  the rag wants fellow leftist and campaign liar Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers  to take over this effort,  because she has proven she doesn't give a damn what we want, and along with that, the evidence suggests she can be bought.

But in the end,  we're not stupid.   And repeating a lie,  over and over,  does not make it suddenly true.


No compromise.   No change.   If Oregon doesn't like it,  that's too damned bad,  but they made their position clear with that horrific contract the CTran scum signed without any of us being able to review it first.

No matter how bad the downtown mafia wants it.

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