Friday, December 04, 2015

Boo hoo: Muslims in America fear a backlash. And perhaps they should.

Of course, articles sympathetic to muslims in this country were bound to pop up.

And naturally, a leftist DC rag would lead the parade, telling us:
Muslims say that Americans, like many in Europe, often do not draw a distinction between radical Islamist militants, such as those associated with the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, and the religion of Islam and its followers who have no ties to extremism.



Well, there's two problems with "drawing" such a distinction.

The first problem is that, at a glance, how does one tell if a muslim is a terrorist?

The scum that slaughtered 14 Americans and wounded 21 more were a married couple with a 6 month old baby.

The female had been cleared by a Homeland Security background check.  Think about that the next time a lying leftist assures us that all of those Syrian refugees (Not to mention those al Qaida/Taliban/ISIS plants) will have been "properly vetted."

Precisely, one may presume, like Tashfeen Malik was "properly vetted" before she joined in killing those innocents at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino.

So, I repeat: how does one tell?  Do they wear a sign?  Is there a secret hand shake?  A special wink?

Yes, Mr. President, I am one of those who fear the "widows," who you can't even know for sure ARE widows, have the ability to kill us as much as any other ISIS terrorists.

Chances are I wouldn't have pegged either of these two as terrorists.  And I would have been wrong.

All along, the description of muslims in the country has been the question of which are moderates and which are extremists.

One of the more popular definitions includes the difference between an extremists and a moderate is that an extremist will cut off your head while the moderate holds you down.

The muslim community has remained, essentially, silent in the face of muslim extremism.  How many muslims have been arrested in this country for providing money to terrorists organizations?

How many times have muslims protested these slaughters in the streets of this country?

How many times have muslims here protested the slaughter of Christians by ISIS?  How many times have they risen up to demand change?  How many have enlisted in the US military, only to subsequently kill their fellow soldiers?  Where were the protests by muslims of the Hassan slaughter at Ft. Hood or the recruiters in Chattanooga or any of the other times and places where muslims slaughtered unarmed people in this country and around the world while the deafening silence grew and grew?

What about the terrorist training camps in THIS country?  What are the muslims doing about those?

Of COURSE there is going to be a backlash.  And at some point, as these massacres continue, it's going to be muslim blood spilled in this country because they do nothing to police themselves or their own.

And are we supposed to feel sorry for them?

They live in fear, we're told.  But what are THEY going to do about it?


I don't draw a distinction because their is no distinction.  It's only a matter of degree.

And here's the thing: as muslims, you have no right to object to what we do or how we do it.  If you find living here so damned intolerable, then go back to whatever shithole spawned you.  But you practice a religion with an avowed aim of destroying those of us who don't see it your way; a religion used as justification for murder and rape and sex slavery... and a wide variety of tortures inflicted on those who oppose you either deliberately by actually fighting you, or indirectly by having the temerity to be not of an islamic bent.

The fear that muslims allegedly live under in the United States doesn't come close to the fear Christian experience in the Middle East where churches are outlawed, or the fear of the Yazidis in the Synjar mountains.

Not to mention the fear of the Christians slaughtered by decapitation or gunfire or drowning in cages....

So, I would venture to say that the muslim population of this country may be uncomfortable... but they've got a ways to go until they even begin to approach the terror that tens of thousands have inflicted across the world on those who are not muslim... most recently, to our knowledge, that fine couple in San Bernadino... who... apparently... slaughtered many of those who, a few brief months before had held a baby shower for the couple's 6 month old infant.

And the idea that no one there outside of these two knew what was going on in advance is insane.  The idea that many knew but no one said anything?

That is much more likely.

And as long as that sort of thing IS likely... then muslims across this country will remain suspect.  Because in the end... it's damned unlikely that anyone in the muslim community would have said anything to anyone about these plans... either out of fear of retaliation... or out of support for their aims.

Either way, the end result is the same.

And if muslims want to be trusted... then they have to earn it. 

And that is going to take a long putt indeed.

Memo to the muslim community:  you are running out of time.

This country does not exist for your edification.  If you don't like it...


If you try to implement your law as governance; that is not going to happen.  Get used to the idea.  Or prepare to pay the price.

The American people, you see, do not have infinite patience.  Nor is the Constitution a death warrant.

As these sorts of slaughters continue, the blowback will continue with it.  And it is likely to increase.

I have been and will continue to call for action by all levels of government to increase our security.  That includes both encouraging the carry of firearms while decreasing the number and scope of so-called "gun-free zones."

But that is not going to be enough.  And the next time Americans in such a zone are slaughtered by muslims... particularly muslims that have been cleared by Homeland Security... I wouldn't be surprised if others out there began to exact a price for that sort of thing.

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