Friday, December 04, 2015

An example of the muslim lie: Deception is War - the lawyers for the terrorist's family.

Liars.  What did anyone expect them to say?

"Yeah, we knew they were terrorists?"

The portrayal of that bitch of a wife who slaughtered innocent people yesterday as a June Cleaver wannabe was over the top.

Their failure to actually confront these scum as terrorists is part and parcel of why, now, ALL muslims have to be held suspect in their protestations about how "wonderful" this couple was.

The couple were stone-cold killers.  And there are many here... like the lawyers these scum were... who actually supported their actions yesterday.

There.  I said it.

The Bobbsey Twin idiots on TV are among the very root of the muslim problem this country faces.

There dissociative effort to blame everyone but the killers is part and parcel of the issue.

The muslims refer to it as Taqiyya and Kitman in their world, it is perfectly acceptable to lie, through omission and commission, if the intent is to mislead your enemies.

This is an example of that.

What I wonder is why did the news organizations give these lying scum a platform to spread their filth?

Did anyone realistically expect them to say anything different?  Did anyone expect them to be truthful?

They are the poster children for everything wrong with the muslim presence in this country.

And I'm getting sick of it.

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