Thursday, November 05, 2015

Thoughts on the Veteran's free meal scam.

Thoughts from this veteran.

On the surface... this is a nice gesture. On the surface.

I was thinking about going a couple of years back... drove by an Applebees (who was doing the same thing)... and saw a line out into the parking lot. It would have taken a couple of hours to get in.

As the resident cynic... I wondered why they had set it up this way... then it hit me.

First, any meal to a veteran is a write off.

Second, most veterans would bring their families... who are NOT free.

Third, none of these places have food worth waiting an hour or more to eat.

Fourth, they still make bank off the veteran by virtue of charging everyone that comes with them full price, since the cost of the food itself is among the lowest of the costs actually incurred when compared to labor, maintenance and overhead.

What they SHOULD do is provide some sort of certificate that the veteran can redeem when he or she wants.

That way, there's no line. The meal to the Vet is just as free. And the gesture, allegedly for the Vet, would be appreciated.

But I don't have the time to go to something like this and put up with the complaining families as these guys rake in the dough.

But then, I'm the Internet Cynic of the year... so what do *I* know?

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