Friday, November 06, 2015

Take aways from the election: The worst candidate award? Chuckles Green

While there isn't a dime's worth of difference between Olson and Green; and Tracy Wilson is going to be pulling her puppet strings (And Boldt's as well, as far as that goes) the biggest joke of a candidate award goes to Chuckles "Chuckie" Green (D-CTran).

As you may recall, Chuckie Green was one of the founders of the C3G2 hate group.  Hoping to use that platform to launch yet another failing political campaign, Chuckles promised to represent CTran on the Council in his effort to resurrect the hated CRC which gained some inevitability with the presumed election of rabid CRC/Light Rail/Tolls supporter Marc Boldt.

What made it even worse was Chuckles campaign event failure that took place shortly after he announced his political doom on that same hate site: the conference on getting voters involved.

It wasn't even a thinly disguised campaign party, attended by most leftists including fake Republicans Greg Kimsey and Carolyn Crain, that accomplished absolutely nothing.

Turn out was abysmal.

It will continue to be abysmal for all the reasons I cited... foremost of which is that the voters do not believe their vote makes any damned difference.

On the county council, for example, people were lied to and voted for a fake Republican by the name of Boldt.

They also voted for the mirror image of Chuckie Green, here, Julie Olson.

And because Jeanne Stewart wants to be re-elected, she's begun to out-democrat the democrats, going so far as to stupidly suggest that the current council wait to make any decision for the next 2 months.


This is what we get when it comes to the issue of representation: the councilors no longer have to take a county-wide approach.  Instead, we're split into 4 little islands where the county as a whole is worthless in the minds of those on that council... since they don't have to answer to the people of the county... just the district.

That said, this not even thinly disguised campaign effort was the failure I knew Green would be at the ballot box.

Even Carolyn Crain's endorsement of Green failed to help him, although I see such a thing as not unlike a rampant case of hemorrhoids.

While those behind the charter acted out of hate... Boldt certainly did, for example... the fact is that it makes us just that much closer to becoming a leftist enclave not unlike the insanity of King County.

And the local RINO's... along with a very few others...

...will bear responsibility for that.

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