Thursday, November 26, 2015

This is not a day for politics... this is what it's for.

I have a great deal to be thankful for.

I have the most beautiful wife, inside and out, that any man could ever ask for.

She is my everything... keeps me sane... keeps me on course... provides my incentive... she is my strength and I am not whole without her.

"Pride" does not begin to describe it.  It's a love I never knew I was capable of.

I would be nothing without her.  Her patience, her strength, her faith... in me and in her Lord... are what makes life worth living

The smile and her laughter is what I need to breathe every day.

And every day, I am thankful for all she has given me and given up to remain by my side all these many years.

I cannot adequately express my depths of love and commitment to this woman, who is everything I've ever wanted in a life mate and a soul mate.

She stands by me in the midst of our storms and travails, against tremendous pressure because I am strong willed, with opinions that I forcefully express... regardless of the fallout.

She disagrees with those who would silence me and puts up with me anyway to my everlasting thanks. 

When it comes to my job, those I work with and for have been the greatest professional joy of my life.  Every day has new challenges and I love what I do.

Additionally, on this day, I am incredibly thankful to have been born in this country, to have served in the military, to have been around the world on their behalf and to have the capacity to continue to hope we can survive the challenges that face us.

We are still among the very best the world has ever known.  I am so blessed to live here, so blessed to be capable of fighting for what I believe in and so blessed to be an American.

Take a moment... count your blessings... know how fortunate you are... Make it a point today to hug those closest to you and tell them you love them and how important they are to you.

If they can't be with you, find some other way... call... write them a letter... Skype... something, some how.

That's what days like this are for.

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