Friday, November 27, 2015

Obama goes full-on moron mode: ISIS terrorists are not really Pilgrims.

Look, we all know that were cursed with an inept, incompetent liar of a president.  Those paying any attention to this clown's idiocy already know much of what this fringe-left whack-job has lied to us about and destroyed on his path to easily assuming the worst president in American history mantle from fellow whack-job, Jimmy Carter.

I have repeatedly asked if those who buy into the rank stupidity of importing terrorists are prepared to put some skin in the game.

I get no answers.

So, those of you that moronic to actually invite terrorists into this country... if it's such a great idea... then are you going to risk everything you have, own, or ever will have or own to back your play?

Those on the political side of things: will you pledge to resign the moment any of these people commit any criminal or terrorists act of any kind, for example?

See, Obama's open border policy has allowed thousands of criminal illegal aliens to set up shop in our country.  They've been cheerfully slaughtering, raping, robbing, burglarizing and bringing drugs into our country while, for example, Obama plays golf.

He should be held personally liable for these criminal acts.

And he should be held financially liable for these same acts... just as the morons who want to import terrorists into the US under the guise of "refugees" should be held criminally and financially liable for the costs of bringing them here and all the money that goes along with that.

And, by all means, those of you supporting this insanity... knock of the references to the Bible or the base of the Statute of Liberty.

Neither of those works claim that we should turn a blind eye to danger... or import people bent on our death and destruction.  The comparison, then, simply doesn't fit.

Arte we going to have to wait until we, as a nation, have to suffer additional 9/11's or Parises before we get it?

Do most of these leftist morons understand that even if 5% of those proposed to come here... none of whom can ever be properly vetted... have terrorist leanings of the sort that has seen our military personnel be shot and murdered here, in this country, that would mean literally thousands of threats let lose?

And is this where I point out that Major Nidal Hasan, US Army, WAS "properly vetted" before he was promoted to field grade officer rank because my Army was afraid to call him out?

It's not like they didn't know he was a radical.

So, for the ultra-idiot in the White House to, in any way, compare these people with Pilgrims" is typical of the lying hyperbole he's known for.

So, no, Barry: these are not Pilgrims, your slavish devotion and incompetence when it comes to terrorism and so many other things is not cute, and the American people, in an increasingly bipartisan way, are becoming increasingly sick of your antics.

You only have ONE JOB.

If only... at anytime during your sorry joke of a would actually do it.

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