Monday, November 09, 2015

Take aways from the election: the snivelers over the issue of the write-in "giving the election to the democrat" or "costing Julie Olson the election."

Yeah, I heard all about it.

The irony here, of course, is that a "democrat" DID win the county chair election, and so now, the face of this county, who murders grammar like ISIS burns caged Christians; endorsed by a group even further to the left than the democrats themselves; is the man beholden to the newest fiscal version of David Madore: Tracy Wilson.

Wilson was wrong, of course.  Olson won with no difficulty, so her betrayal of Liz Pike wasn't necessary.  But it did go to her character.

But then, she started off her campaign by ignoring the will of the people of this county by supporting the resurrection of the CRC that has been rejected at every opportunity by the people of this county.

And that's why I didn't care one way or the other if she won.  Had even a remotely responsive democrat ran against her, someone who wasn't a leftist, CTran troll, I would have supported that person in return... but since no such animal exists, that's why I didn't care.

And, as far as that goes, both Boldt and Dalesandro shared in their desire with Olson to betray this county by helping the downtown mafia, Chamber of Horrors, CRUDEC, and the rest of the downtown mafia get their loot rail/toll machine.

The disgruntled element of the local GOP, seething in their anger and hatred of the local party leadership, sold out the entire county to get their revenge.  They deserve the "credit" for this betrayal, because, of course, had they supported Liz with the same level of energy their hatred caused them to support Boldt, their would have been a different outcome.

As the months go by, we can expect Brent Boger to pick up his 30 pieces of silver with a move to the county.

We can also expect more and higher taxes and fees and a dismantling of county government as we know it now.

But the basic premise of the betrayal of a friend and colleague, that "the election was being handed to a democrat" (presumably, Dalesandro) was farcical since, without a write-in effort, it was going to a democrat anyway; and the claim that the fallout of the write-in, which was essentially opposed far more by the disgruntled GOP element than even the democrats; which exhibited even greater levels of hatred and arrogance towards the write-in than the dems... and that Olson would go down with that write-in effort... was obviously false.

Bill Turley fits in here somewhere as well.  Right, Bill?

So, what we saw here was a strategy that had nothing to do with what we were told... or why.

While this was an off-year election, it will be remembered for the betrayal of the party generally by haters like Carolyn Crain who obviously expects the local GOP to rush to her side as she... again... gets her teeth kicked in as a part of her forlorn quest to ever win an election anywhere.

That she couldn't win an election for dog catcher is the thing, you see, and she's even more delusional if she believes the party hierarchy will even help her to cross the street, let alone support that psycho's election.

For me, however, the most painful element of all of this was the personal betrayal of Liz Pike specifically, as the true color of "friends" and those that owe her so much became very, very public.

And now... prospects are dismal and there is accountability to be doled out for that.

They acted despicably in this matter, and it will not be forgotten.

And I will be looking for opportunities to return the favor.

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