Tuesday, November 03, 2015

So, who wins the election?

In reality, the only election that matters is for county chair:  nothing major will change as a result of any other election in Clark County that I can see.

The Port Commission election is a test tube of the impacts of money: Eric LaBrandt, who has been getting the usual complete pass from his fellow leftists at the democratian for receiving huge out-of-state billionaire money, has dwarfed Lisa Ross's cash, all to the cricket chirps of the C3G2 hater hypocrites and, of course, Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

The Democratian/Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio hates  Madore because he uses his money on issues in ways they oppose.  LaBrandt uses and out of state billionaire's money and, because they'd support him if he shot up a school, they write nothing.  And that's just one of the many reasons why we'd all be better off if a plane crashed into their printing presses... their institutional hypocrisy and partisan double standard.

If LaBrandt steals this election with Steyer's money, those sniveling about Madore's cash infusions will remain absolutely silent on this reverse cash play by this leftist prevaricator, who falsely claims that his election will change absolutely everything down at the Port when it comes to oil and/or coal, presumably.

And we won't see any of Lefty Lou's weekly snivel fests aimed at LaBrandt as a result of who owns him.

Also, LaBrandt's coronation notwithstanding, the lies in his mailers (which polluted our mail boxes FAR outside the Port District) will change nothing, of course, because this is, for now anyway, going through the facade of a democracy and LaBrandt will find himself "Mielke'd" by being on the wrong end of a bunch of 2 to 1 votes, the way Tom Mielke did when democrat Marc Boldt ignored him on the county commission.

But hey; election lies are no big thing to leftists generally.  And why should it be, since no one seems to be held accountable for their lie by anyone, and those pointing the lies out are routinely vilified for that.

Like me.

I have zero problem with Madore using his money as he sees fit; it is, after all, HIS money... and none of the snivelers on the far left supporting Boldt or Dalesandro have any problem with what amounts to millions of dollars over a period of years worth of support for any candidate not named Madore or supported by Madore.

They NEVER babble about what Scott Campbell is doing in these campaigns.  Perhaps, that's because until now, no one has called him out on it.  But Lying Lefty Lou writes like the left pays him by the word.  And as long as that scumwad is here, spewing out his vitriol, I have no problem either responding in kind OR with Madore spending his money to counter those years of weekly attacks from the punk running the rag.

That said, here's how I see the issue for county chair:

For the local GOP, they have a great deal vested in this effort.  This is not going to be an easy nut to crack.  The local GOP then, has much to gain if they're successful in this uphill battle.  Each vote, then, is critical.

If a Republican name was on the ballot for county chair itself, this would be a slam dunk for that candidate.

But the write-in requires something that is not needed under any other circumstance:

It actually requires you to, well, write-in "Liz Pike" (as I have)

Running the numbers, it looks like this is going to be close with that requirement X-Factor thrown into the mix.

The left has, rightfully, written Dalesandro off.  He hasn't reported a nickel since 25 October, and outside of the usual union suspects, (who's combined $1950 for the entire month of October hardly inspires confidence) the $1200 he's put together for the entire month...  and the $13,305 and zero in independent expenditures he put together for his entire campaign is because far too few on the left believe he stands any chance of winning.

So, the question boils down to GOTV.

Every election is a learning experience for a competitive party organization.  But here's the scenario as I see it and I can be as wrong as the next guy.  And this analysis has nothing to do with personality or any other aspect of the outcome... which boils down to voting.

The combined GOP vote in the primary was 47%.

The combined democrat vote, split between Boldt and Dalesandro, was 53% and they were a very few votes apart.  Unfortunately for them, they are both on the general election ballot and they will be splitting their vote.

Jeanne Stewart's non-campaign achieved the desired aim of keeping Madore off the ballot, since they knew that Madore would win going away in the general and those behind Stewart's non-campaign never intended for her to win.  Simply, if there was an intention for Stewart to have won, a serious campaign would have taken place.

It didn't.

I would suggest otherwise, but Stewart essentially did absolutely nothing to campaign after she announced, raising practically nothing and, of course, mailing it in.  Her name familiarity alone was enough to siphon off the votes Madore needed to make it to the general.

Giving credit where due, I actually admire the brains and the depravity behind that effort.  But a review of the bidding shows there's really no other credible explanation.  If she'd wanted the job, she'd have worked her butt off to get the job.

That didn't happen.  But it's also no longer relevant to the extent that what happened then cannot change, in any way, what is happening now.

Now, of course, those behind that effort whine that a write-in may upset their carefully laid plans to screw the people out of any choice besides that of two leftists remaining on the general election ballot.  Many of them falsely claim that the "will of the people" is being ignored, first, as if those supporting either Boldt or his fellow democrat cared about that will when it came to issues like the CRC scam and second, as if this vote ALSO won't represent the will of the people.

And that just goes to the average lack of ethics and honesty on the part of those making that complaint.

Their political problem?

By any measure, this is not a leftist county.

And a credible write-in campaign throws all their carefully laid plans into the crapper.

As I have been saying all along since this effort started, the leftists will split their vote: and they both picked up, if memory serves, 26.5% as Boldt took votes away from Dalesandro and in the end, a very few votes separated them.

As of today, the vote seems to be roughly the same county-wide as it was in the last off-year election.

48,333, more or less as of when I wrote this (Monday).

Traditionally, a low turn out favors the GOP.  Also, late votes typically turn hard right.  Doesn't always happen that way, but it usually does.

The democrats will typically vote democrat.  The GOP will typically vote GOP, but the absence of a GOP name and picture and 100 words in the voter pamphlet doesn't help.

What makes the campaign viable is that it's a 3 way race, and no one needs to achieve a majority.  Someone is likely to get the needed votes, of course, but no one is likely to achieve the 50% + 1 of a majority.

And, on the surface, this tally tends to show that the GOP IS voting.  The RINO segment, likely for Boldt.

But how big is that segment?  Don't know.  This election may well break that percentage out, however, good or bad.

Historically, there is rarely a huge movement of the type Boldt would require to get the most votes. He would likely have to increase his percentage by 10 or more... which I have never seen.  Further, has Boldt or his minions put together their GOTV effort?  (Remember, in the end, all the support in the world is worthless if you can't get your voters to vote.)

None that I've heard of and I likely would have at least heard of it.  The RINO's who used to run the party around here may still have access to voter vault or whatever they call the voter database the party maintains, but who knows for sure?  Presumably, the local party has taken the needed steps to block the access of the Boger-types who would sell their own children to get Boldt elected.

But even if they have that access, what can they do with the exception of a targeted mailing or two, even with all of Wilson's money and the Realtors?  After all, these two groups supported Boldt last time and how did that turn out? (Did they learn their lesson?)

And there-in lays the rub.  The measure of the effectiveness of the write-in campaign in countering the hundreds of thousands of dollars in in-kinds provided by the local democrat newsletter, stretching back years, and countering the efforts by our local neo-communist BIA and Realtors is the thing

This also represents something of a dress rehearsal for next year.

If the GOP GOTV effort works or doesn't; either way, they've learned a great deal.

Figuring out what not to do in the campaign mechanism is just as important as figuring out how to make something happen.

I, for one, am not going to let my feelings about anyone impact my support or opposition to a political figure.  I will, instead, base that opposition on their political positions, issues and actual political history.

I oppose the reelection of my district senator ("Republican" Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers) because she lied to get elected.

I oppose the re-election of the County Clerk ("Republican" Scott Weber) because he lied to get elected.

I oppose the re-election of the County Auditor ("Republican" Greg Kimsey) because he's a RINO who supported the CRC Scam, who wants votes coming in after the election date not to count and who has attacked the county commissioners like the local dems were paying him.

I oppose the election of my brother-in-law ("Non-Republican" Marc Boldt) because his record of governance too closely matches that of democrat Steve "I don't speak for the people, I speak for Steve" Stuart; because he ignores those who disagree with him under every imaginable circumstance, because he breaks the law pulling dangerous stunts like texting while driving, because he rabidly supported the CRC Scam for the entire time he was in office (which is one of the main reasons we threw him out; because his leftist manipulators want him back in so they can pull his puppet strings) because even his leftist campaign manager is a liar (downtown mafia kiss ass Jim Mains) and because on the critical issues confronting this county, Boldt has voted the wrong way in the past (Supported property taxes for 6 straight years, voted to confiscate our weapons in a county or state-declared emergency and his rabid CRC support in the face of county-wide opposition) and will vote the wrong way in the future.

After all, why would he change anything since his election, such as it is, would effectively wipe the slate clean... and temporarily without a party, how long will it take for democrat Boldt to quit screwing around and just become a democrat?  It was Boldt who sought and received the neo-communist Young Democrat endorsement... and one can guess what THEIR political values are.

The irony of this is that for the first time, it's unlikely that an elected official will have achieved a majority.  And that will mean, in the end, no matter who wins... the other side will claim that most of the voters of this county did not want that person... and whoever that person is will claim that it doesn't matter.

This, then is that perfect intersection of the top two system and this hideous county charter.

So... who wins?

I'm not sure.  The actual indicators tend to lean towards Pike.  But the reality is the X-Factor.

And the X-Factor will make that determination.

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