Friday, October 09, 2015

Wow. I guess a lot of people are upset with me.

I've got to wonder: why?

No one admits to reading what I have to say here.

The blog that NOBODY reads... but everyone gets upset about. Exposing the dark underside of the political world of Clark County, Washington... The least read and most talked about blog around.

My meager effort here is a one man band.  This blog serves as my voice because I believe I've got something to say, a perspective that I put a voice to, a data base of political information that never goes away.

I typically get around 500-600 readers a day in this exercise of free speech.

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But I'm not the newspaper.  I don't have their resources or budget.  What I've got is a burning desire to provide an alternative view that they don't want you to read.

I have a standing offer out there for any candidate of a mind to do so to get unfettered access to this blog to put up whatever they want, whenever they want, unedited by me.  (Although certainly not uncommented on) and to date, no one this cycle has taken me up on it.

That's their privilege, of course, but my alternative then is to remain silent on the concerns and corruption I see those governing us engaging in because what I write isn't "fair" or whatever.

Well, sometimes, facts are not fair.

I have been writing this thing for a decade now. And many of those most upset with me now have asked me to write articles a certain way on certain subjects that represents their view.

It's been quite some time since that was the case, to be sure; it's not happening now or even this year.

But for those who've tried to use this blog in that way in the past to be so angry now because I may disagree with their perspective... as if past involvement somehow builds up a level of immunity to my critical observation... to try and cost me clients... well, that is just a bit bizarre.

I freely admit I'm hated in most political quarters.  Those who do their best to speak the truth typically are.

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more that society will hate those that speak it."

Just so.

It is not the purpose of this effort to offend anyone not needing offense.

If you lie, sell out, make excuses, vote against your constituency, ignore us or believe that you are ever so much smarter than we are... if you promise one thing and then forget all about it when it's convenient... then you can expect you're likely going to have a problem with me.

If we elect you, you only have one job: to do what we want.

There's no excuse, no justification for those who bastardize the process by lying to get what they want, be that elected (Ann Rivers, Scott Weber) or their project (The CRC Scam or the Ballpark Ripoff)  or their initiative (The Pot Scam).

I'm very big on those we elect telling us the truth, both to get the job.... and keep the job.

I'm very big on those we elect doing our will after we elect them, unlike former Commissioner Stuart:

I have absolutely the opposite view of Stuart and Boldt and those like them; which is that the ENTIRETY of your job is to do nothing BUT to speak for the people.

We elect you to be our voice... not the voice of the special interests or the skid greasers to get what they want.

When you turn away from us... you're going to have a problem with me.

And that, then, seems to be the crux of the matter.

Those who disagree with my perspective almost never talk the issues.

Instead, the issues become personal attacks against me... my integrity... my honor.

Odd, isn't it?  The truth is always an absolute defense, but those who don't like it come after me in about every imaginable way because I disagree with what they want or how they want it, and this situation devolves into hatred on a personal level.

Not disproving what I write, you understand; because, well, when I write that Ann Rivers lied about opposing gas taxes and tab fee increases as a part of her campaign for the Senate, how is that in any way, a "lie?"

And how can it be disproved?

SHE is the one who made that up.  SHE is the one who lied to us to get elected.  And, I am assured, I am required to "let it go," give her a pass and so forth.  But that's not close to being in my nature.

And instead of holding her accountable, we're castigated for, as Deputy Mayor Johnson wrote, our demand for truth and "lofty ideals."


If he feels that way, isn't that tantamount to not only accepting the idea of lying to get elected, but expressing approval of it?

When I write that my brother-in-law voted to take our weapons away in the event of a county-declared or state declared emergency; when I write that he raised our property taxes for 6 consecutive years; when I write that he texted me WHILE HE WAS DRIVING and then PROVIDE THE PROOF... and when I write that he slavishly supported the CRC/Loot Rail/tolling scam and will do all he can to bring it back... how is any of that a lie?

Look, I get what my role as Marc's brother-in-law is SUPPOSED to be: just shut the hell up and go along with his program, whatever that is.

But I am NOT going to give Boldt a pass when I set out to hold all accountable the same in so far as it is possible for me to do so.

No one made Marc turn against the people.  No one made Marc ignore us on the CRC Scam.  No one made Marc vote for an unconstitutional ordinance to take our guns away.  No one made Marc vote to jack up our taxes, year after year after year.

Those were his choices and those are but a few reasons why I oppose his election... to anything.

To those of you reading this who hate me or want me dead, I pity you.

And while I don't even check the mail out on the street anymore without carrying my .45, I urge you all to remember this:

I have a right to do this.  I'm not being paid to do this, to, for example, oppose Boldt (Contrary to what his campaign said in 2012) or hold Rivers accountable for abandoning principle for... something.  And it's a matter of time until I find out what.

Haters gonna hate.  But when I'm wrong, and I can be shown where I'm wrong by proof provided, I will be more than happy to print a retraction.  Just like my offer to have any candidate or elected official come here and present their perspective, I'm always willing to learn and would be the first to admit that I'm not 100% right.

But then, neither is our daily democrat newsletter.

The difference is, I'm willing to admit it.

I must admit that I've learned a great deal this election.  I've learned many of the depths of hatred that can be plumbed by those terrified of the truth.  I've seen a much broader view of Marc Boldt's arrogance and hatred for those opposing his view.  I've experienced a taste of the Christian hatred my mother-in-law exhibits.  I've seen the back-stabbing efforts to injure me professionally... and I know who you are.

But none of this dissuades me from staying the course.  Those I support may, ultimately lose, but it won't be because I stood silent on the sidelines and allowed it to happen.

Evil really does triumph because good men do nothing.

But not on my watch.

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Jack Buckmeir said...

You do a Great Service for Clark County, Kelly, so don't ever get Discouraged.When the Lazy C goes out of business, we'll make you an Editor of the new County Paper.( not that the Lazy C has ever been a "County Paper"