Saturday, October 10, 2015

Of course Dalesandro and Boldt support the CRC, light rail and tolls.

When candidates... or even those already in office, have positions they love but don't want to tell you about, there's a variety of tacts available for the candidate in question to attempt so that, in the end, they can have it both ways: they can appear to oppose a thing while, in fact, supporting it.

When properly done, it can be a brilliant coup of political legerdemain.

Dalesandro, being a leftist, has ALWAYS supported the CRC; he has ALWAYS supported light rail and he has ALWAYS supported the tolls that we cannot afford, particularly in the face of the $700 million hole that Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers has blown in our local economy with her gas tax/tab fee betrayal.

Boldt, of course, has the same position.  While in office, he did nothing to block the CRC Scam and he did nothing to allow the people of this county to speak to the matter directly, in fact, laughing at the very idea that we should even have an advisory vote, let alone anything binding on the question as to whether or not we should enslave ourselves for the next 4 decades to build their light rail project... disguised as a new bridge scam.

At this point, the reader might think, "haven't they been telling us the CRC Scam is dead?"

Well, rumors of it's death have been wildly exaggerated.

Like any other aspect of the leftist agenda, it never really goes away... it merely becomes temporarily dormant until enough leftists or RINO's are voted into office so that whatever part of the agenda is de jour can be brought up, misrepresented and voted into existence.

In everything from public employee union collective bargaining to gas tax increases to gay marriage to Obamacare, the entirety of the progressive agenda is to never, ever, accept defeat on their agenda... but instead, to bide their time until opportunity presents itself to move forward with the program.

Because the thing the left can count on like the sun coming up in the east is that the GOP will cave on any issue given enough time and provocation.

Thus, the current condition of our country, arrived at with the acquiescence, if not the outright help of those in the GOP who promise the moon plus $2 to get elected, but have a typically non-existent record of follow-through.

Much of what is said here is the political version of "speaking in tongues."

It has a point, a purpose, I suppose, but to the casual listener, it merely sounds like the babbling of idiots.

When Dalesandro indicates that he "would accept light rail as the price of fixing the river crossing," what he's effectively saying is what many in the write-in campaign have been alleging all along: that Dalesandro would sell this county out to get loot rail in here so that it can become another source of the worthless Portland fungus; a way to spend billions while accomplishing nothing... except more and greater debt.

Some around here would sell their own children into slavery to get a bridge that does not need replacing, replaced... and to bury us under yet another government-imposed massive debt so that the downtown mafia can use our sweat to build their vision... that will only enrich the special few that back the candidacy of both of these two leftists.

As for Boldt, in government one either opposes something or one supports it.  Boldt has never opposed the CRC... and the CRC could never be built without tolls.

Thus, his support of that rip off is the purest indication that regardless of A vote he may have taken at the RTC, his actions as a commissioner showed no opposition to that project while his actions concerning giving the people of this county a voice in this matter and then doing all he could to implement our will once determined at the ballot box.

It is one thing to claim that the CRC is a federal project and should be done without tolls.  It's quite another when you come to find out that such will not happen while you sit on your hands and just go along with the program of others... the special interests you answer to while you turned your back on our pleas.

It has been my position all along that there is precious little to separate the two, given their leftist inclinations and their history of ignoring the people they would govern.

The election of either would mean an effort to raise our taxes further, implement large and largely unneeded projects to salve those they answer to... while turning a deaf ear to those they would govern.

That is why I will be writing in Liz Pike for County Chiar.

Her history of fighting the CRC Scam is unassailable.  Her representation of this district, including her strong opposition to the gas tax and tab fee increases so favored by the few who will benefit from this legal extortion, has been recognized and rewarded with the overwhelming support of the voters here.

She has not failed us... and she will not fail us as county chair.

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