Monday, October 26, 2015

When the local BIA lies.

Up until recently, the local Building Industry Association has usually supported conservative candidates.  Occasionally they screw up and endorse leftist nutters like Steve "I don't speak for the people (Including the BIA)" Stuart and other leftists, among others.

Now, because of a checkbook.... that's all out the window.

I don't know for sure what the deal is between the BIA and a leftist like Boldt.  But their mailer, tying a RINO who leans so far left that she can't walk straight down a crooked street to a democrat like Boldt, who has long since ceased being ANY kind of "conservative," is simply inexplicable.

Conservatives don't vote to raise property taxes for 6 straight years.

Conservatives don't vote to take our weapons away from us in an emergency situation.

Conservatives don't support rip off scams like the CRC/Loot Rail/Toll rip off.

Conservative?  There's nothing genuine OR "conservative" about Boldt, including that idiotic quote next to his picture which he could never have thought up on his own in a million years.

Look, follow the money and you can see who's behind this.

At least Madore's expenditures are much more public.

But to call Boldt a "conservative" in the face of his record and his sought after and received endorsement from the Young Democrats, a neo-communist ultra-leftist outfit if ever I've seen one, is beyond the pale.

No excuse for this idiocy and no excuse for the utter and complete betrayal behind it.

Right, Rep. Wilson?

And Marc, your record is why we shouldn't be caught dead electing you to anything.

Just sayin'.

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