Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Junking our political system. Is it time?

Don't get me wrong: I'm not about getting rid of democracy or anything close to that.

I'm talking about getting rid of the two party system and looking at proportional representation.

As I look at the House GOP's latest rape of the American people and the GOP base in particular, I ponder the meaning of an out of control, unaccountable to anyone party and government just doing what it wants.

Think in terms of 230 or so people in the House and Senate utilizing the Steve "I don't speak for anyone but Steve" Stuart form of government.

That's not how this works.  That's not how any of this works.

RINO's are whining that we need to ignore the GOP Establishment's record (Thus, that local establishments bizarre support of a non-Republican in the county chair race) and continue on the suicidal path of supporting anyone for the White House as long as they have an "R" after their name.

Of course, many of them were troweling out that same kind of garbage last cycle and the GOP took the senate and now we have absolutely nothing to show for it.

Doesn't that kind of hypocrisy make you all warm and fuzzy inside?

And I CALL it what it is because many of these same scum wouldn't be caught dead voting for a Trump or a Carson or a Cruz or a Paul or a whatever if his name is on the ballot.

But we ALL have to vote for Jebbie if he makes it.

As for me, the problem is simple: I refuse to vote for anyone when there's little to no difference between them and whoever wins the election won't matter:

Thus, without the write-in effort underway for the Chair, I would likely have voted for Goofy. Because since Boldt and Dalesandro are united in their hatred of conservatives and conservative values, neither should be elected to dog-catcher and I wouldn't vote for either.

Same for the other council race.

Chuckie Green would be the first person to represent an agency instead of a district in elected history around here, and on the issues that matter, there's zero difference between Olson and Green.  Further, given her Wilson-mandated abandonment of Pike and the write-in campaign, I wouldn't vote for her anyway; but that said, the fact is that where it matters most, there's no real difference between Olson and Green, so neither would get my vote there, either.

So, it those choices were all I had (And I reiterate, thank God for the write-in) none of the 4 on the ballot would remotely represent me.

At the national level, I could easily vote for Carson or Trump or Cruz. I could do that because publicly, their first concern appears to be to restore America to pre-eminence.

It will take decades to undo the damage the fringe-left has caused this country, to be sure, but it has to be started somewhere.

So, at the national level, if someone not named those three is on the general election ballot of this state... then who is representing me?

No one.  It's kind of like the state senate, where, with both "Gas Tax" Rivers' betrayal on the gas tax/tab fee increases and the state GOP's betrayal on that and other issues (Let's remember: it was the state GOP senate that caved on the illegal alien destination resort act, aka the state "Dream Act" that gave illegal aliens benefits for staying here and breaking our laws) I would no more vote GOP for the state senate than I could levitate.

So who is going to represent me?

No one.

I'm thinking it's time to dream a little myself and ponder the idea of junking the two-party system and going with a multi-party system.

That way, the fringe-leftist and RINO's infesting us can have their own parties and end the charade of being "democrats" or "Republicans" when, in fact, they're two sides of the same coin.

We could have the "Establishment Sellout GOP," and we could have the "Stalinist Burnie Communists" for example.

That way, the corrupt establishment types could have their coffee-klatch and the fringe-left haters could have their Nuremberg rallies and it would be all good.

And we could get rid of the utter and complete idiocy and stupidity of the idea that we should just suspend our disbelief and go along with whatever the RINO program is, selling their mothers into prostitution or their children into slavery to get someone with an "R" after their names into the White House, no matter how much of a communist they may be... or how little the difference would be if the democrats just kept it.

A multi-party system would result in a requirement that the idiot in charge would bear at least SOME accountability to those who elected him or her.

Because as it is now... that ain't happenin.  Holding these people accountable for their actions and their campaign pledges?

Part of my decision to leave active politics was based on the RINO reaction to Gas Tax Rivers' betrayal to those who elected her.  Rivers is their "guy," so to speak, so she could knock off a 7-11 as a political fund-raiser and her supporters who made both an effort to beat me senseless AND get me fired would care less.

Campaign promises be damned.

That's when the germ of an idea began to grow that politics had passed me by... the up is down and that left is right.

Issues like truth and honor and integrity have no place in the equation.  Getting rid of liars and those who promise the moon plus two dollars to get your vote is no longer the way it works, providing an imprimatur for their lies and deceit when it's your guy or girl.

This leads me to be ashamed of those I've supported in the past as their true colors come out and they have shown me that was so important to me is so meaningless to them.

Meanwhile, I feel like one of the 47 Ronin.   A warrior with no master save myself.

I fear for the continuation of our country if we cannot find a way to force the party hierarchy to respond to those who support it the most, if not with dollars... than with hours in the trenches.

Insanity has many definitions, among them the idea that we continue to do the things we're doing while somehow expecting a different outcome.

What we're doing does not work.. and when what you're doing does not work, it's time to stop doing it and do something else instead.

This may be the time to look at other options, because as it is, too few are calling the shots for far too many.  And we need to put an end to that, sooner rather than later.

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