Saturday, October 03, 2015

The sad and pathetic cult of Carolyn Crain and Marc Boldt.

I was heading over to watch Portland State lose to North Dakota State in Hillsboro when I saw Crain's bogus additions to Marc Boldt's campaign signs.

Up 5 hours.  And this pathetic violation of the PDC rules gets a whole 2 likes.

But that's not the most psychotic element of all of this garbage... After all, Boldt's position is, allegedly, "People over politics."  So, what is this putting up a violation of copyright law and the PDC's if it isn't the very thing Boldt claims he wants to put underneath the "people?"

This is yet another of the many reasons I don't want him anywhere in my government.

This kind of crap... this kind of a lack of integrity and honesty... flat out makes him dangerous.

Of course, there's no mention of this cult's scam on Boldt's facebook page.  He may not even know.

But I bet he'll know by tomorrow, and if those misleading lies of a sign, illegal as they are, aren't down by COB tomorrow, I will file a PDC complaint on Monday and, no doubt, Boldt will be in front of a judge explaining it all.

But this is the kind of scummery Crain revels in as she ends her political aspirations here locally in a cloud of smoke like any other pile of trash.  She has never and will never get over the local GOP ignoring her worthless efforts in the 49th and going with someone sane instead.  So, this is her effort on the revenge motif.

Sad.  Sad and pathetic.

The local GOP is within their right to go to each sign with this garbage on it and take that part of it off... or paint over it.

That is what I urge them to do, since it's misleading in every respect.

I'm watching, Marc.  And so is everyone else.

You don't want to be involved in "party affiliation?"

Then scrape that dogpile off your signs.

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