Saturday, October 03, 2015

Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' second loop in her political death spiral.

I don't know what happened to Rivers.

But somewhere between the time SHE announced for county chair and the time she betrayed her district and this county by rolling over and voting for the gas tax and tab fee increases she had pledged to oppose... yoking Clark County with a $700 million debt... something certainly did.

It's as if the woman who had been my business partner and who had paid for my cell for all those years... since so many minutes were being burned consulting with her and all... was kidnapped by aliens and replaced with this version.

Rivers has been totally co-opted by her "position."  In many ways, she's a great deal like Marc Boldt, more than willing to be manipulated for "position" over integrity and devotion to the districts that elected them.

The side of Rivers that so few see is the side who has threatened various House members with the death of their legislation in the Senate if they don't support her bills in the House.

Now, Lying Lefty might not know this, of course, but that became her meme this session on her pot bill and the gas tax/fee increase scam.

Thus, her opposition to Liz Pike... who stood by her district and did not go along with Rivers' sell out.

I suppose that sort of thing is inevitable for the weaker intellects who are shorn of their political courage: it most certainly is easier to sell out and be rewarded than it is to take the stand you pledged to take merely to get elected.

Does anyone believe she'd have survived the primary if she had pledged to vote for the biggest gas tax increase in our state's history?

Back in 2012, then State Rep. Rivers endorsed Boldt in the county commission election... and Boldt lost.  While she has yet to do so this time (And Boldt would be wiser to avoid that) this is yet another opportunity on her part to help the democratian stick it to Liz Pike... and because Pike didn't go along with her legislative program when Rivers sold us all out last session... here we see the results of Rivers' pique.  Lying Lefty is thrilled, since he manages to hate all conservatives more or less equally, while picking on the chosen few in particular.

Brancaccio, as he so frequently is, certainly is behind the times.  His mischaracterization of Rivers may even be what she believes... or even he believes.

But when he refers to her as "one of the most powerful Republicans in our county" he is by far engaging in exaggeration used only to help her sell his point.

Rivers, at one time, could have ran for Pope around here... and won, easily.

But since she has committed the public and cardinal sin of lying to get elected among other things, her political stock has plummeted.

There is, perhaps, a reason that none of the core GOP House members of this county voted with her on the gas tax or fee increases she demanded.  That they would not do so goes directly to the heart of her LACK of "power," for if, as Lying Lefty would tell us, she was all that... then all the little House ducklings would have dutifully lined up like the lemmings who DID vote for her scams and double-time off the edge of the same cliff... just like she did.  But none of the 4 GOP House members in the 17th and 18th did... at least as far as her hari-kiri gas tax/tab fee scam.

During my time on legislative staff, some almost 6 years... I saw them come and I saw them go.  Most who go up to Sodom on Sound do get co-opted to varying degree.

Rivers held out for her first 4 years in elective office.   But that all went to hell in a hand-basket this session with the corruption I have detailed here, corruption that she was a willing part of and that she helped bring about.

Rivers has lost her formerly sharp, formerly focused-like-a-laser-beam political mind.

Now, she's just become another legislative bully, so full of herself that she can't contain her anger while she focuses on "revenge."  She's stupidly letting her emotions rule her actions which, as she may recall, has never been a luxury that any politician can afford.

Well, as she may well come to find out, revenge can be a dual-edged sword.

I really, genuinely look forward to any effort Rivers may make to run for re-election.

Meanwhile, Fred?  Please arrange to have someone come by this "hard right wing local blogger's" house to pick up the 4X8 signs I've got in storage for Ann.


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