Saturday, October 31, 2015

The hypocrisy of the Columbian boils over: Gilispie, Betty Sue Morris and the rest of the C3G2 haters look like idiots.

So, some moron dumped an untrue story/rumor on the C3G2 hate site, proven to be absolutely untrue, that David Madore and Tom Mielke were going to fire interim county administrator Mark McCauley was going to be fired and replaced by Environmental Services Manager Don Benton.

The whole thing is a crock, of course, but the morons on the C3G2 hate site, including democrat former Commissioner Betty Sue Morris who "confirmed" the lie in question, bought into it immediately.

Sources tell me that there's no problem with McCauley in this job and that there are no plans or discussion underway concerning removing him.

But the hypocrites at the rag, who typically don't allow "speculation" under stories they post on their web site; dumped a huge, steaming pot of their crap on their web site that was nothing BUT speculation.

In their incessant, unending whining about David Madore, these clowns are ready to believe anything they're fed as long as it's both bad, about Republicans generally, and Madore in particular.

But then, they've never really been ones to tell the truth.

Watching the leftists lose what's left of their minds over getting their crank yanked is rather amusing, when you think about it.  But this article of fiction and speculation... which the scum at the Lazy C do not allow under their articles, was a series of lies designed to slam Someone (Madore) for something that isn't going to happen, in an effort to whip up the troops and destroy the write-in campaign.

These consigns the cancer on our community (tm) to the dustbins of political hell along with their fellow scum from CNBC's crucifixion of the GOP candidates in the latest debate.

If Brancaccio was capable of shame, I'd ask him if he had any.  But he isn't, so he doesn't.  And that's what you get when your editor is a thug who should be bitch-slapped on a daily basis. 

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