Saturday, October 31, 2015

Obama is channeling... Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers?

So.... how do I get THERE?


"Gas Tax" screwed the people of this county and her district sideways by saddling us with a $700 million debt in return for... nothing.

Well, not "nothing," as much nothing worth lying to get elected.

She ran on a platform where she pledged not to do what she ultimately did:  vote for the largest gas tax increase in this state's history, along with tab fee increases that the people of this state, this county and her district had long since rejected under I-695, the $30 tab fee initiative.

So, where does Obama come in on this?

Simple: for long over a year, I've been demanding boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria to take on ISIS.  The president idea of playing patty-cake with these scum has achieved nothing except enriching them beyond even their wildest dreams with billions in cash and other billions in weapons systems.

The moron wearing the tinfoil hat in the White House refused.  Repeatedly.

Disaster after disaster pile up, one of the other.

A couple of weeks ago, the Russians come in and claim to be kicking the hell out of ISIS.

I question that... because this is an outcome-based game, and if the Russian were doing such a great job killing ISIS, then ISIS would have retreated.

Somewhere, anyway.

But that doesn't seem to have happened.

So, the Administration has finally admitted what I've known for many sources anyway, that American troops are on the ground.  In Syria.

Where Obama said he'd never send them:

So, what we have here are two politicians doing the EXACT same thing for what they claim to be the EXACT seem reasons:

The so-called "changing circumstance" dodge.

That's what Gas Tax Rivers is using as her excuse.  That's what Obama is using for HIS excuse.

Weird, that.

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