Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Election.

As a rule, the simple solution is to vote for anyone or any initiative the rag doesn't want.

This election is no exception.  I only have a few positions to talk about, because frankly, I don't care about the ones I'm not discussing here: not my circus, not my monkeys.

In reverse order:

I-1401:  No.

I-1366:  Yes.

Port Commission: Ross

Clark County Council Position 2: doesn't matter; there's not enough difference between them to matter.

Clark County Council Chair: Pike.

As for the rest, that's up to you.  With the exception of Stober accepting a donation from an individual accused of child molesting, I really don't care.

I-1401 is one of those feel good, accomplish absolutely nothing initiatives that make the ballot every now and then, falsely proclaiming it will "Save Animals Facing Extinction."  That's a full-on crock, of course, and I hate rewarding anyone with yet another bogus initiative.

I-1366 is the initiative that forces the legislature to either refer out the super majority rule on tax increases for our vote (It's passed 5 times in 5 consecutive elections, but the Legislature refuses to put the referendum out for us to make it a part of the Constitution of this state.) or to cut the sales tax one cent.

Ross is the only choice that makes sense in terms of both financial experience and qualifications as well as vision and common sense.  The only reason that leftist rag opposes her (Outside the fact they oppose most non-RINO GOP'ers) is that she agrees with the Port's oil terminal plan and the rag doesn't... though GOD knows they've lied enough about its impacts.  Add Steyer's huge out of state influence and major cash on her fringe-left nutjob opponent and this is a no-brainer.

Pike is the only Republican running for County Chair.  The other two are, to one degree or another, stone-cold leftists.  With her history of opposing tax increases along with her documented opposition to the horrific burden of the CRC/Loot Rail/Toll scam supported by the other morons on the ballot, Pike is the only candidate running who gives a damn about the people of this county and what we want.

Dalesandro is disqualified because he lacks the vision, experience and education needed to run a county (He doesn't have a clue as to what he's doing on the Battle Ground City Council, for example) a moron wrapped in an idiot who thinks Obamacare is a great idea.

Boldt's history of governance made the voters of this county run away from him in horror back in 2012, kicking him out of office without a second thought.

Nothing's changed in Boldt's vision, so there's no need to replay that horror show of supporting the CRC Scam, voting to raise our taxes for 6 straight years and voting to take our guns away from us in the event of a county or state-declared emergency, a blatant unconstitutional ordinance that I warned him about and that, said warning was ignored when he voted for it anyway, telling me that "the legislature gave them the authority to do that" (which is, of course, flat wrong) and if I have a problem with it, I need to take it up with them.

Personally irresponsible, he texted me while driving a commercial truck on I-84 outside of Irrigon a few days ago and then sent me a picture to prove he had done it... all while he was driving on the freeway. Besides breaking the law, he is setting a terrible example for the kids driving around, getting killed because they're doing the exact, same, thing.

As for the rest in the other positions, we're best served by voting for whoever the rag doesn't want. This election is no exception.

If you know the issues and know the candidates, then by all means, vote.  Otherwise, take your ballot and use it to start a fire in your fire place.


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