Friday, October 16, 2015

Leftist hypocrite becomes unhinged under my Pike endorsement letter in the Reflector.

I anticipated this sort of response.
Mumon posted at 8:32 am on Fri, Oct 16, 2015. 
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Mr. Hinton, AKA Kage McClued, AKA at least one other nom de plume, who was suspended from a government job, has no problem with the corruption in politics and appearance of impropriety presented by Mr. Madore's obscene attempts to buy an election. 
People of Clark County, that is the kind of people that support Liz Pike. Liz Pike won't disavow them.

Let's show them we're better than that. 
The irony of someone using a "nom de plume" to attack someone for, well, using a "nom de plume" is the kind of hypocrisy Boldt supporters thrive on.  And my letter endorsing Boldt was what it took for this slimeball to crawl out from under their rock and be the first comment ever on the Reflector.

Odd, considering his dozens (Hundreds?) of posts on the Daily Kos attacking all things Republican.

SO, I looked up "Mumon" in the Vancouver, WA area.

As interesting as the nom de plume "Mumon" actually is, I thought I'd google it for the Vancouver area:

He claims to be "practicing Rinzai Zen Buddhism" and this seems to be his "Buddhist name." I wonder if the Buddhists share his philosophy, expressed below?  If this clown is representative of that religion... then they've got serious issues.

Interesting fellow... as leftists... and major Daily Kos posters go.

So, here's how I answered his post directly:
Odd, isn't it, that those using a "nom-de-plume" (Mumon? Seriously?) would condemn me for using a "nom-de-plume?" Especially one I used to protect Boldt while I was working for him? 
Actually, rather hypocritical, when one thinks about it. 
Meanwhile, who I am outside of Marc Boldt's brother in law is, of course, irrelevant. But leftists never want to talk the issues or the history of the candidate: Instead, they want to condemn the messenger. 
So, instead of focusing on me, which is all the leftists have, what say we focus on the candidates? What say we focus on the history of Marc Boldt's local governance.... where past is prologue? 
Mumon is the kind of person opposed to Liz Pike. Whoever he or she supports won't disavow him.(or her) 
Let's show them we're better than that. 
Kind of a tit-for-tat.

But you see, evil triumphs when good men (And women) do nothing.  And those coming after me personally should expect me to return the favor.

Never the less, I completely expect an LTTE effort to discredit me personally in favor of the two democrats running on the ballot... likely to hit next Wednesday.

I anticipated that when I did this and I'm fine with it... since it knocks them completely off message... and forces them to deal with me.

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