Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jimmy Moeller announces he's leaving office, permanently.

Years too late, as far as that goes. Moeller's been an arrogant ass during the entirety of time he's been a cancer on our elective community.

Jimmy is primarily known for 4 things:

1.  His idiotic CRC/Loot Rail`/Toll Scam fixation.

2.  His even MORE idiotic "what is and what isn't" candy tax, thoroughly destroyed across the state (and the simplest reason that he has zero chance of winning, besides being an asshole.)

3.  His constant efforts to ram an income tax down our throats.

4.  Suing his own constituents to overturn the 5-time passed at the polls (including his own district) super-majority requirement for tax increases.

His legendary arrogance, his complete lack of civility (I look like Miss Manors compared to this clown) and his uber-fringe-left politics will kill the deal for him, but we all profit by his upcoming exit from the political scene... and this local embarrassment will no longer be troubling us after he's crushed in the upcoming primary for Lieutenant Governor.

You're about to find out that you ain't nearly as good... or as smart... as you think you are.

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