Thursday, October 01, 2015

Got a mailer from Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers. Guess what was missing?

It was a nice piece from the Senate... professionally done.  I think it must have been a statewide sort of thing, a generic piece for every member of the GOP Caucus.

Talked about expanded eligibility for property tax reductions... Ending elder abuse...  Making our way through the Medicare maze... and the Silver Alert system.

It was set up and colored like what it actually was (A GOP Senate campaign piece) under the cover and guise of presumably the Senate, tho it doesn't say.

And what it DOESN'T say is the issue.

There's nothing there about the Senate GOP gas tax/tab fee increases that will suck $700 million out of this county in return for the $200 million in mostly worthless projects we're getting.

There was nothing there about GOP Senate corruption on their super majority rule.

There was nothing there about the GOP Senate engaging in the time honored tradition of slapping an emergency clause on legislation to make it that much more difficult to get the needed signatures to put this gas tax on the ballot.

There was nothing about the GOP Senate's failure to put a referendum clause on this massive rip off.

And, of course, there was nothing there about Sen. Gas Tax running on a platform of opposing gas tax and tab fee increases... until the time came to actually keep that promise.

You remember this excerpt from her campaign web site, don't you?

Poetic prose, to say the least... when it's used for a campaign to get elected.

A damnable lie when the promise is made and then ignored once the goal of getting elected is achieved.

Nor was their anything there over the GOP Senate cutting the pot tax from the utterly ridiculous amount promised to get the initiative passed, to the merely absurd level the GOP Senate generally and Sen. Gas Tax particularly have reduced that tax too... remember how legalizing pot and taxing the hell out of it was SUPPOSED to fix all of our budget problems?

Yup... it's all sweetness and light when they tell you what they've done FOR you.

Not so much when they fail to remind you of what they've done TO you.

Gotta wonder, though: are they going to keep lying about why they did, what they did, and how promises don't matter when the "circumstances" change?

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