Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What Obama's cowardice and incompetence has gotten us: Russian General to US Embassy in Baghdad: "Get your people out of Syria."

When your president is a coward and an incompetent who surrounds itself with cowards and incompetence, this is the kind of thing you can realistically expect.

A Russian 3 star marches into the US Embassy in Baghdad like he owns the joint, and tells us that we have to get any people we have in Syria out of there, because they're going to be launching air strikes.

Of course, the air strikes they launch will focus primarily on Syrian opposition to their bitch, Assad, and not particularly bother ISIS.

I, personally, have said over and over and over again, that both nature... and politics... abhor a vacuum.  The result of vacuous leadership is typically disaster heaped upon disaster and this is yet another sign of Putin's arrogance and disdain for the clown car that has been the Administration of this country for so long.

Can you even begin to imagine Putin having his people do any of this with Reagan or someone like Reagan, running the show?

But we have a weak, clueless president who enabled all of this to happen by failing to project strength and determination in the face of Russian aggression... which started, sad to say, under the last Bush.

We should never have allowed it.  NATO should have responded immediately, even though Georgia is not a NATO member, because failing to stop Russian hegemony anywhere gives them the green light to engage in it everywhere.

This is typically the mind set of a bully: bully's generally will push and push and push their reign of terror until or unless they get pushed back.

And where, exactly, has the coward in the White House ever pushed back against Vlad?  Or China?

Why SHOULDN'T Russia tell us to get out... when by telling us, they'd fully expect us to do what they want, given that we have yet to draw a line that we actually MEAN to send these people a message that we won't be crossed?

I have been advocating boots on the ground and an all out effort to destroy ISIS wherever they may be.

Our failure to remain in charge of this situation is the very vacuum that Russia is, from their perspective, so ably filling.

Now, we have two choices: call Putin's bluff everywhere... or allow him to win... everywhere.

And by "everywhere," I MEAN in Georgia and Ukraine and now, in the Middle East.

But when you have a neo-communist military hater in the White House, who is more concerned about buying off his constituency with Obama phones and shrinking the size (and by definition) and the capabilities of our military while the Russians and the Chinese and the Iranians expand theirs... this KIND of thing is the outcome you can expect.

American blood will be spilled because of this incompetence.  And the blood in question will coat Obama's hands forever.

After all, had Obama been a strong leader, demanding of respect... does anyone believe any of this would be happening?


Martin Hash said...

Though I respect your position, remember there's still a big bunch of us weak-kneed, lily-livered Liberals who think Obama is doing this just right. (Well, as good as a truly fucked up situation can be done anyway.)

and if Europe would rather takes millions of refugees than deal with the situation then that's their choice.

Just a guy said...

Well, Europe's circus is their problem, to be sure.

But when the Administration starts talking about bringing in 200K "refugees" (Mostly males of military age) then I have a problem with it.

And Martin, you've set the bar really low if you think this is "just right."