Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Well, 9/11 is coming up. Anyone still give a damn?

I know I do.

But I'm not so sure about others.

Not too long after it happened, I did this picture meme.

I was correct.

And now, their sacrifice appears to have been for nothing.

Everything done, undone by that scumbag in the White House.

The blood we spilled of our best and brightest; the treasure expended, the unending pain for many... the opportunities missed.... stunning bravery... all for nothing.

We bend over backwards to avoid offense.  (Others, actually: nothing these scum could ever do is as offensive as that fateful day) while a muslim populace remains silent in the "offense" ISIS perpetrates against anyone not one of them.

I'll care about muslims anywhere when they care about people everywhere.

They don't.  I don't.

9/11 is coming up.  Anyone still give a damn?

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Jack Buckmeir said...

Real Americans still give a damn - but there seems to be a lot of people who won't get concerned about it until New York gets hit again - and it will - mark my words.