Tuesday, September 08, 2015

This weekend's scoreboard for gun control nuts: Chicago (Black Lives Don't Matter)

It was a relatively quiet weekend, filled with poor marksmanship and the usual blood.

Shot: 49

Dead so far: 7

But it's early yet.

Most of those shot?


Most of those who shot them?


This is the dual-pronged problem leftists have:  Obviously, Chicago has among the highest level of so-called "gun control" this continent has seen.  And they are among the highest in shootings and murder.

THAT'S a problem.

That blacks slaughter each other at a horrific rate and no one cares?

THAT'S a problem.

Obviously the effort by Chicago to keep their citizenry disarmed only serves the criminal, who, I would venture to say, rarely submit themselves to undergoing a background check prior to purchase.

But the hypocrisy of a race-based (And by definition, racist and bigoted organization) claiming their lives matter merely because of their skin color serves only to further their portrayal as helpless victims, incapable of doing for themselves.

In short, it puts them right where the left wants them.

Black lives don't matter to me any more than the life of anyone of any color.

And as blacks go around slaughtering police officers, they're starting the long slide of yet another downward spiral... where their lives will matter even less.

They're reminding me of the jihadi's in this country.

I could give a rat's ass about the muslim population of this country or any other because they support sharia and the terrorists.

The terrorist front groups, like CAIR and so forth, bitch like cut cats whenever they feel "offended" by anything anyone does that even can be perceived into anti-muslim sentiment.

But when ISIS slaughters or al Qaida car bombs or those scum in Africa, Boko Haram, kidnap, rape, torture and sell little girls into slavery... like ISIS?

Not a peep.

The LACK of outrage is simple: they're NOT outraged, because they support these actions and want to see them here... to a greater or lesser degree.

If the muslim world did not want these things to happen, they would rise up and put an end to them.

Their silence is deafening.  Just like the silence of black America, who demand the "right" to slaughter each other, but then lose their minds when an asshole punk gets shot because he assaults a police officer... and riots ensue, riots even encouraged by a mayor (Baltimore) and the race hustlers infesting us.

To me, personally, no thug's life matters, regardless of color.  And no person's life matters as much as those who put their asses on the line to protect and serve us, while they're denigrated, assaulted and beaten as they do their job.

Shot 15 times while pumping gas into his patrol car.


If #BLM supporters want sympathy, they'll find it in the dictionary between "shit" and "Syphilis."

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