Wednesday, August 12, 2015

GOP complicity in the so-called "sanctuary city" scam.

Another day, another woman... American... slaughtered by an illegal alien.


Well, the so-called "sanctuary city" scam has a lot to do with it.

And the GOP sits by and does nothing, much like they've done nothing about the illegal alien scam, period.

First, what they can do:

For those of some age, we remember the nightmare of the Carter Administration, the second worst president in the history of this country.

It was a nightmare on many levels.  But it showed the power of the federal government in an undeniable way:  Speed limits.

We wasted time, effort and energy... literally... by the fed forcing all the states to reduce their speed limits to 55.

In many of our larger states... Texas, Montana, Wyoming and the like, 55 is insanity.

The question, however, isn't being examined to rehash the wisdom of such a decision:  the question is being examined as to how, using that mechanism, we can end the cancer of these cities.

In this instance, and others (The nationwide 21 drinking age, for example) the system is in place and well-established:

The federal government can withhold any amount of federal funding to any city receiving it.

GOP complicity in this is simple: where's the House and Senate bills requiring these cities to cooperate with federal law enforcement and ICE to deport these criminals?

Simple solution: assign one person from ICE to monitor cooperation from each city after laying out the requirements... and then simply cut off all federal funds to any city that doesn't comply.

Not hard, to be sure.

So, today's quiz question:  Why hasn't the GOP done this?

Besides the obvious cowardice and desire to keep the left happy, I mean?

The blood of these victims... spilled unnecessarily in part because of GOP cowardice and complicity, is on the hands of the GOP leadership almost as much as it is on the hands of that simple idiot in the White House.

How many more need die?

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