Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Democratian continues their campaign to turn Clark County left: Vote for new deadline

It's the usual leftist drivel: every election, our world ends because ballots come in after close of business on election day.

What a bizarre, indefensible position.

Look, I get that our local liar of an Auditor, Greg Kimsey, is all about reducing his work load.

After all, he's done nothing to urge ballot security by demanding proof of citizenship,.  And who can forget his legendary effort to reduce his work load further by demanding that felons have the right to vote?  After all, imagine how much time, effort and energy is saved if we don't have to go through the process of restoring their voting rights?  (Gotta wonder if he'd share the same view on, say, restoring their gun rights.  After all, a right is a right... right?)

So, just about every time we have an election around here, the rag picks up their fellow leftist's mantle of demanding that we follow the train-wreck plan of their leftist brethren to the south.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is because politically, those running the rag want us to be exactly like the Oregon Soviet.

They even mention it, claiming that "A better system is found just to our south. In Oregon, ballots need to be received by Election Day in order to be valid."

As if anything Oregon is doing about anything is a reason we should follow suit.

I have to wonder: are more people moving here from Oregon?  Or are more people in this state, as screwed up as it is, moving to Oregon?

We all know the answer to that.  And doing it the Oregon way has no more throw weight than the "But Timmy's mom allows HIM to (fill in the bank) argument" from when we were kids.

They offer zero reason(s) for that, you understand: the system we have in this state would NOT be improved one wit by cutting off votes that come in after the deadline; and would, in fact, result in several votes not being counted at all.

But then, that's what they want: which is kind of strange when you think about it.

I believe that we, as a country, make it the easiest to commit voter fraud of any on earth.  Leftists would rather error on the side of fraud since they believe they benefit from the fraud vote.

They work so very hard to enable any sentient being to cast a ballot, legal or no.  It's kind of like wondering why we have so many illegal aliens around here who get much better treatment then say, veterans, without pondering the illegal alien destination resort we've set up for them... as if there's no correlation between the billions we're wasting on people who shouldn't even be here and their desire to come.

But these same leftists, citing "reasons" that don't come close to superseding a constitutional right, demand that ALL voting be cut off at COB election night.

The "suspense" apparently kills these morons.  Because that's all they've got.

So here's their dirty little secret, their reason for that...  The reason they didn't mention but know full well...

It's to reduce GOP votes.

Yeah, that's right; to cut the number of GOP votes.  As they state here:
These late-arriving votes have the power to change the election results. Last year, Republican Jeanne Stewart edged Democrat Craig Pridemore thanks to late votes and is now serving on the Clark County council. In 2008, Republican Tom Mielke erased an Election Day deficit to defeat Democrat Pam Brokaw for a county commissioner's job.

As usual with the left, it's not about what's right or wrong, and they would cheerfully disenfranchise the thousands of late votes because they know the direction is typically Republican.  As a rule, leftists vote early and those to the political right of the spectrum vote late.

I know it.  And the whole purpose behind this effort by the rag is because they know it as well, and they know implementing such a system will result in some number of mostly votes to the right of the ballot NOT being counted.

Like most leftist voting initiatives, it has nothing to do with getting the most legal votes counted. And the moron who wrote the Lazy C's editorial doesn't even try and cover their motivation behind their desire to shut off late, typically right-leaning votes.

WHENEVER this issue is discussed by the left, THAT is the motivation, much like earlier efforts to kill off the military vote.

They're dress it up in these nonsensical "reasons," but none of them outweigh the right of a single ballot being submitted legally under the current system, from being counted for an election.

And if the leftists running the rag have to wait a few days to enable the right of the people to be heard at the ballot box?

Then that's just too... damned... bad.

And the local leftists turn their heads to the south and sigh with envy.

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