Friday, July 03, 2015

Why I would consider looking at democrat Jim Webb as president.

Gold star
Gold star

       Navy Cross         Silver Star        Bronze Star         Purple Heart

Navy Cross, after being recommended for the Medal of Honor.
Silver star.
Bronze Star X2
Purple Heart X2

Earned in Vietnam.

Legitimately, unlike Lurch.

And that means he's getting a look from me... from the FWIW file.

That doesn't translate to support, you understand.

Larry Smith, Vancouver city council, had some of these... perhaps all of them save the Navy Cross... and he was as destructive a political individual as this region has ever seen.

But Webb is worth a look.  At least he knows something about the military, and no other candidate, except for, God Help Us, Graham (Who made it to Colonel as a reserve JAG officer) set foot in uniform to the best of my knowledge.

(CORRECTION:  Rick Perry served as a C-130 pilot in the Air Force, and made Captain)

1 comment:

Lew Waters said...

For the first time in a long time, I will be giving a Democrat consideration.

Webb may not be the perfect candidate, none really are, but he seems better than most running as Republican this time.

Still too early for me to get solidly behind anybody, but yes, Webb is worthy of serious consideration.