Sunday, July 05, 2015

Why democratian editorial boards are worthless.

First the entirety of the set up for county chair was yet another opportunity to campaign for their preferred selection, Marc Boldt.

Boldt, who is both my brother-in-law and formerly a conservative Republican, has walked away from the conservative tenets that made up so much of his time in the House, issues such as a pro-life stance, smaller government, lower taxes... all to get support from the left and far left... and you know he's walked away from those ideals because THE two most fringe-left outfits in politics locally, the Young Democrats (Who found Boldt's peculiar form of fringe-left politics even more favorable than that of uber-fringe left nutjob Mike Dalesandro's brand... which is pretty damned far to the left... in favor of Boldt's peculiar brand of the position.) AND...

The second fringe-left outfit to endorse Boldt will be the democratian.  They love Boldt for the same reason they loved that clown that ran against Benton a few cycles back: not because he's the best choice... not because he's a better representative of the people (Boldt's dogged support of the idiocy of the CRC/Loot rail scam puts the lie to that) but because Boldt carried the democratian's water on the CRC Scam like Gunga Din... and because he ain't David Madore or Tom Mielke.

That, of course, is why Madore and Mielke blew the rag's EBoard off.  As they should.

So, what were the soft ball questions they were asked?

1.  Relationships.

Because, well, you know... "relationships" are FAR more important than, say... cross-river transportation issues, or taxes, or local county infrastructure.

In short, the vast majority of the people of this county could give a rat's ass about "relationships."

2.  The Fee Waiver.

Dalesandro lied outright (Not the first time) by claiming "it's not working as it's intended to work, so it needs to go."

He offers up zero proof of that, of course, but hell, he's GOT to say something.

Boldt, who knows as much about law as he does abdominal resections; claims, falsely, that residential developers may "threaten" the county.

What is it that Marc used to say about lawsuits when HE was a commissioner?

Oh, yeah... it was something like this:

"Get in line."

The reason this was worthless is obvious:

NONE of the candidates were asked what THEY would do... or what they will do... about cross-river transportation issues.

NONE of them were asked about the TriMet idiocy, rampant on the CTran Board that Boldt fought so hard to jack our taxes up for, while voting to exclude tens of thousands of us from having any say... but not on paying their idiotic taxes.

NONE of them were asked about taxes.

NONE of them, unfortunately, were asked about their vision for this county and how it would in any way differ from that of any other candidate.

NONE of them were, in fact, asked about anything that really matters to anyone but the rag.  And why weren't they asked that?

Because the rag knows generally... and particularly with Boldt... that all Boldt and Dalesandro COULD say would be to babble about their support of some version of the CRC Scam... and the rag knows that's a dead end for their boy.

"Relationships" that NO ONE cares about... and Fee waivers.  But NONE of the MAIN issues confronting the people of this county.

It was, in fact, a total disgrace.  If the slime who put this dog and pony show on were capable of it, they be ashamed of themselves.

But they are incapable of it.  Hatred drives them.  Hatred drove the charter.

And they have no shame.

These lame, nonsensical "issues" were brought up because the leftists and the scum running the rag believes they help Boldt and hurt Madore/Mielke..

While, here's the main issues:

The economy of this county has experienced explosive growth in every area under Madore and Mielke's watch.

The people of this county have made it clear... repeatedly... that we hate the idea of the CRC/Loot Rail scam, that we hate the idea of replacing the I-5 Bridge for ANY reason until it MUST be... that we hate the TriMet scam... and that we're just fine with the fee structure the way it is.

Under Boldt, it experienced something completely and utterly different.  And as a result, there was nothing in that Boldt-centric puff-piece that justifies voting for anyone named Boldt OR Dalesandro.

There is nothing to indicate that a Boldt regime this time around would be any different than the last time around.  And that's reason enough to vote for any of the current councilors... except Marc Boldt... the still GOP Precinct Committee Officer who started out running for this job as a "conservative Republican" (In the democratian) to "moderate Republican" (In the Reflector) and suddenly discovered that the leftist Young Democrats was the way to go.

Remember that when ballots drop in a few days.

I know I will.

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