Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What do Trump's numbers mean? (Polling at Number One.)

The so-called RINO moderates would rather have the 22nd Amendment repealed and have a 3rd term with Obama.

Because that's what were going to get in the form of either Clinton or Sanders if Bush or any of his clones get the nomination... only to lose.

And taking it a step further, the model has already been established.

Conservatives were lulled into some level of compliance with the RINO dream by electing... and re-electing... anyone in Congress and to Congress who had an "R" after their name.  And what has GOP control of Congress accomplished?



The transition between democrat control of Congress and GOP control has been seamless.

Look at the measurements:

Has their been any changes in illegal alien amnesty?  Sanctuary cities?  Foreign Policy?  Social engineering in the military?  GUTTING the size and capability of that same military?

Eastern Ukraine?  The ISIS JV Team?  The morass of Iraq and his completely screwed up sell out to Iran?

Any appreciable impact on the Mt. Everest of debt government is shoveling down our throats?

There's little to point to that doesn't show disaster and wasted hundreds of billions of dollars and a gigantic debt that Obama, hand in hand with the GOP Congress, helped run up because the GOP hasn't got 3 testicles between them.

Trump, then, represents the anti-RINO.

He's saying what millions think.  He looks at the illegal alien issue and thinks to himself what I and millions of others think to ourselves:

The reason we have this problem... the reason tens of thousands of illegal aliens are raping, murdering, robbing us and sucking up our increasingly rare billions in taxpayer dollars and seeing the US as just another fat gang target is because we ALLOW them to.

There is no excuse for the illegal alien issue.  There are a dozen steps that could be taken to end this problem that would be relatively cheap and easy to implement.

Trump knows this.

And the irony of all of this is, once again, that the GOP is just as complicit in this situation as they are in Obamacare.

This is a dangerous time for politicians...politically.

The critical element in dethroning an incumbent is "anger."

The people, for example, tossed out the RINO House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor; who was defeated quite handily, even though he'd outspent his opponent, Congressman David Brat (VA-07) 50-1, 56% - 44%.

This is a huge warning shot fired across the RINO bow... and most RINO's fail to remember... or even acknowledge... that this disaster of their own making ever took place, let alone have it make any difference in their outcomes, candidates and positions.

Thus, we have utterly worthless cowards in office, not unlike this district's disgrace of a do-nothing congresswoman, Ridgefield Barbie.

The anger at GOP betrayal grows.  We've been sold a bill of goods by those who use the excuse of "changing circumstances" to lie in their campaigns and ignore campaign promises while at every level, we tolerate the various cancers on our country such as sanctuary cities and the Dream Act and providing financial aid to illegal aliens at the expense of American citizens and state residents, taking up slots in our state universities that illegals are not only not entitled to occupy, but should,be deported over if they even ask.

This country is doing everything it can to recruit illegals and pay for them once they get here... except, of course, it's the taxpayers who foot the bill.

To the RINO's, they want Jeb or some derivative.

Well, if he's the gutless milquetoast they get, the clown who won't roll any of this garbage back and, instead, will choke on it at the polls (Because frankly, that "hold your nose and vote for them" garbage ain't gonna cut it) then we deserve it.

Trump knows this.  The slaughter of innocents by illegals continues unabated and all we get is scum like the Secretary of Homeland Security engaging in this kind of arrogant stupidity:

Johnson's demeanor of arrogance, his thuggish stupidity?

I wouldn't let that asshole run an elevator for me.  I'd fire him... TODAY.

So, what do the numbers mean?

It's a fair warning to the GOP Establishment and RINO's everywhere.

A growing number of us are way past checking the box next to a RINO.  And millions of us will sit it out if he is the nominee... precisely like you RINO/moderate types would sit it out if Ted Cruz/Ben Carson/or others along those lines... including Donald Trump... were the nominee.

The message is clear.  Change course.  Change direction.  Grow a set of balls on the issues that matter to the American people: stop kowtowing to the illegal alien lobby because those who hold their vote hostage to that lobby will never vote GOP ANYWAY.  Pledge to take steps against the so-called sanctuary cities.  Come up with and campaign on the obvious strategies to get rid of illegals.

Empower local law enforcement to actually enforce our laws.... and completely defund those cities, counties and states who refuse.

If we stop making America the illegal alien destination resort, they'll stop coming here.


If you're going to sell us out in the name of political expediency, then at least get a $20 on the dresser on their way out.

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