Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Here's where Obama's lies catch up to him: The Iran sell out.

I just saw this clown stand and lie his ass off over the Iran Sell Out.

Didn't listen to a word of it (Thank God for the mute button, aka my "Obama Button") but he got up there and spewed lie after lie.

And on this one, I believe he's going to lose.

Look: here's his problem:

The man has lied to us so much and so sincerely for so long, that no thinking sentient being can believe him.

If he were to tell me that it was daylight out, I'd have to look for myself.

His incompetent handling of the Middle East and Russia doesn't particularly inspire confidence in the few of us actually paying attention.

Hell, his own party dumped him on TPP, and if it wasn't for the herd of RINO's running Congress, he'd STILL be standing there with his crank hanging out... as he should be.

The GOP should be isolating and neutering this clown.  But since they agree on so much, what's the point?

But now, his only hope is to get people to believe him.

Leftists coming up for election aren't going to be particularly eager to jump on this bandwagon of stupidity.  They have to answer to the voters for that... not a particularly comfortable spear for them to sit on.

Only the most die hard leftwing nuts will believe him, but Hell's Bells, they'll believe anything if their leftists... otherwise, they wouldn't BE leftists.

The Iranians got everything.  We got nothing.

They raped the United States and Obama with Lurch's help held us down.

We are going to have to go to war with these scum.  But now, thousands more of us will dies.  And that will be directly traceable back to that blithering idiot, the worst president this Nation has ever known, disgracing the White House.

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