Friday, July 31, 2015

UPDATE: Watched the news last night: KOIN 6: Starting next week, Clark County residents to be raped for $500 million on the gas tax.

The gas tax with it's GOP-Senate applied emergency clause and it's lack of a referendum clause, begins next week with, if I'm not mistaken, a 4 (sorry... that's a SEVEN cent) increase.

Additional increases will take place over the next two years... kinda like additional reasons to shop in Oregon will increase in the next two years.

Of the $15 BILLION the people of this state are going to get screwed over for the gas tax/tab fee scam, the people of Clark County will contribute $700 million.

UPDATE:  That means, based on a population estimated at 450,000 that we all will owe, $1555.56... every man, woman and child, thanks in part to Rivers' gas tax/fee increase vote. ($700,000,000/450,000)

Of that $700 million, the people of Clark County will get $200 million back.

Thank you Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers for YOUR help in blowing a $700 million hole in our local economy over the next decade.

How.... democrat of you.

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