Friday, July 31, 2015

Sticking it to the legislature that's stuck it to us: I-1366

Tim Eyman has done it again and naturally, the leftists hate it.

On 5 separate occasions, the people of this state have sent a message to the scum in the Legislature. And on 5 separate occasions, they've ignored us.

This time?

Not so much.

In a nutshell, Eyman's latest requires the legislature to do what we've asked them to do so many times before: Put a referendum out there for the people to vote on that would to change the state constitution and require a legislative super-majority to increase taxes.  Taxes referred for a vote... like the gas tax SHOULD have been, could go out for a vote on a simple majority.

The legislature will have until April 15th next year to have passed the bill requiring this issue to go on the ballot.

The initiative will require a 2/3rds affirmative vote by both Houses to jack our already stratospheric taxes any higher.

With great fanfare, the scum running the GOP Senate implemented a super-majority vote requirement, albeit somewhat smaller... a 60% super-majority requirement to increase taxes that they then, temporarily, got the Lieutenant Governor to declare "unconstitutional," without any effort to overturn his ruling... which could have been done by a simple majority... so they could jack up the gas tax without worrying about this  super-majority requirement only to then require him to reverse himself two months or so later and declare the formerly "unconstitutional" rule suddenly... and magically... constitutional... for what became the "Sen. Andy Hill" show so he could make a bunch of leftist votes on the general fund budget while making sure there wouldn't be enough votes to actually pass them... he was frequently the 29th vote when passage would have required 30.

But even though the opportunity has been theirs for the last 3 sessions, the same GOP Senate that rammed this rip off of a gas tax down our throats has failed to act on this referendum.

If they refuse to do this time, then the state portion of the sales tax will be reduced from 6.5 cents per dollar to 5.5 cents, presumably on April 16.


The left and, no doubt, some Republicans (alleged Republicans, anyway) will hate this initiative.

Having shown in the last session that they despise the idea of giving us any say on taxes, I expect that some GOP slime will join with the leftist haters and file some sort of suit to stop it from appearing on the ballot, because GOD knows they wouldn't want us to cut any revenue since they lack the desire to cut it themselves.

It goes without saying that the left hates this, since it's their standard to completely ignore the voters, displaying that bizarre concept that once they're elected, they can do anything they want... which, as it turns out, is becoming an increasingly GOP meme as well... at all levels of government.

When the word gets out around here, the heads of local fringe-left nutters like Molehill Moeller will explode.

But I think this has a great chance of passage.  And God Help the GOP elected official who opposes it.

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