Thursday, July 09, 2015

Endemic GOP cowardice.


What is it with these guys (and women?)

The GOP takes control of Congress.

They cave like they're on a bus schedule.  They've done absolutely nothing over Obama's use of the Constitution as his own personal roll of toilet paper... nothing has been done over the insanity of Obamacare that has cost so many people their lives... nothing has been done to improve the lot of Veterans with either medical care or disability claims.... nothing has been done to stop the Clown-in-Chief from gutting the military... nothing has been done to bring him to heal over illegal aliens... nothing has been done to the IRS over their rape of the Constitution and federal law concerning persecuting political opponents... nothing has been done about that bitch who's responsible for the slaughter of 4 Americans in Benghazi and who has been ignoring efforts to hold her accountable... nothing has been done to cut waste and fraud and insane spending of our money... nothing has been done to substantially cut the deficit.... nothing... nothing... nothing...

As I suspected, GOP control over Congress has been utterly worthless. A colossal, massive waste of time, effort, energy and money.

Donald Trump comes along and tells the truth concerning illegal aliens, and the GOP nationally loses their fricking mind.

At the state level, the GOP cowards of South Carolina, from the governor on down, cave because the left demands a battle flag be removed... a symbol... an icon... as if it will make ANY difference.

And other than emboldening the race-baiters and the left, it won't.

In Washington State, we give the GOP control over the state senate.  What do we get for it?

The biggest gas tax in the history of this state.

A REPUBLICAN majority that deliberately keeps us from voting on this; deliberately puts an emergency clause in it to make it practically impossible to gather the needed signatures to put it on the ballot, engage in rank corruption with the democrat lieutenant governor to make it happen while turning a deaf ear to the cries of their constituents who are appalled and horrified that they would act this way.

Locally, they sell out over 1.3% of the ENTIRE project package... half of which will be wasted on a CRC project that we do not wan

Which, of course, begs the issue: what good does it do to have a GOP majority ANYWHERE when, once they arrive, they act no differently than the democrats?

Why bother since, once they get there, they lose their minds and betray those who sent them?

What the hell is the point?

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